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Meet Your ACMedical Consultants

Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA
Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSAChief Executive Officer & Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Mizani is the founder of AmeriClerkships Medical Society (ACMedical), and serves as our President. As the former Chief of Morehouse School of Medicine's Family Medicine Residency Program and a member of two U.S. residency selection committees, Dr. Mizani moved to the United States from Iran at the age of 14 in order to survive the Iran-Iraq War in 1994. Dr. Mizani has served as a committee member of AMA-IMG Section, and the Pacific Symphony. Also as a columnist for Residency Program Alert, Dr. Mizani advises residency program coordinators across the U.S., and provides first-hand knowledge of what it takes to secure residency positions from a selection committee's perspective. 2022 Match marks Dr. Mizani’s 21st consecutive year serving as a Residency Mentor to over 5,000 medical students and graduates and his decades of contribution to creating access to care has led to over 20,000 patients being treated by Dr. Mizani's former students each day!
Nerissa Regnier
Nerissa RegnierSenior Residency Consultant
Senior Residency Consultant Nerissa Regnier is one of the most powerful advocates a U.S. medical residency candidate could hope to meet. She is one of our program’s pioneers and has mastered the art of synchronizing what all medical students and graduates need to what licensed U.S. physicians, hospitals and members can provide. Her goal is to highlight our candidates in the most competitive light possible to have them succeed in the annual U.S. medical residency match. As a senior member of our staff – both as a Senior Residency Enrollment Strategist and as a strategic ally to hundreds of ACMedical Members – she collaborates with members and placement institutions with one goal in mind: To launch the careers of future doctors. She lives in beautiful Southern California and spends her free time with her loving family.
Priya Abraham, MD
Priya Abraham, MDIntern
Dr. Abaham is a busy mother from Dallas, Texas, who believes that perseverance is half the battle in moving forward with your nascent medical career. The other half includes hard work, empathy, understanding and keeping your spirits up. A supportive family certainly helps, but everyone has struggles and sharing these from the perspective of feelings and practical advice can make all the difference. Working at ACMedical provides interns like Dr. Abraham the chance to reach out and help others – and to do so in a focused, fast-paced working environment. The overall goal, besides creating opportunities for your perfect match, is to make sure your confidence is there when you need it. There are challenges ahead. Dr. Abraham is a valuable career guide whose efforts will help you understand you are not going through those challenges alone.
Xing Fan, MD
Xing Fan, MDIntern
Dr. Xing earned his medical degree from Yangzhou University in his homeland of China. He first encountered ACMedical while having second thoughts about his match – a situation many of our members have experienced. Dr. Xing worked as a medical interpreter and medical assistant before joining ACMedical. Even the most dedicated young physicians can experience doubts about their current choices and the difficult paths they have planned for themselves. ACMedical is here to show support and empathy and to provide a gentle push when needed. Dr. Xing is a welcome member of our staff who can help members feel they are not alone in their career journey.
Sydney Sykes, MD
Sydney Sykes, MDIntern
Dr. Sykes graduated from the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry and has practiced in a variety of clinical settings. At ACMedical, his goal is to help thousands of patients by assisting our candidates to enter the residency programs and help them realize long and noble careers in medicine. Dr. Sykes has extensive experience with the U.S. healthcare system that will be invaluable in his goal to helping our members navigate their blossoming careers as physicians. “We will grow together,” says Dr. Sykes, who is the proud father of an adorable baby boy, who represents, he says, “the blissful side” of his daily schedule.
Michelle Parisi, MD
Michelle Parisi, MDIntern
Dr. Parisi graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences. She then went on to earn a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Walden University and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts. Her ability to assist ACMedical comes directly from her own experiences. As an intern here, she remains committed to her goal of obtaining a psychiatry residency position and becoming a practicing physician. Dr. Parisi’s plans include organizing a virtual residency fair in which she will invite program directors from numerous specialties to speak to ACMedical candidates about their respective residency programs.