I vividly remember the excitement of passing USMLE Step 1 and conducting actual H&Ps, with real patients in a real U.S. hospital, as remarkably humbling and strangely euphoric. After I finished two years of basic sciences in Belize (Central America), I returned to the United States to start my 3rd year clinical clerkships at an Illinois hospital where my medical school had placed me. (This makes me an International Medical Graduate – IMG!)

I thought I knew every answer, until a friend of mine attending a more established medical school asked if I was completing my clerkships at a teaching hospital. Like an amateur, I replied: “Of course I am…I’m learning every day!”

But, I soon found out I was NOT placed at a teaching hospital; something I later learned was happening to thousands of international medical students like myself! My medical school, however, admitted to their colossal mistake and moved me to Atlanta, Georgia where I completed the remainder of my clerkships at an ACGME recognized teaching hospital with an onsite Family Medicine residency program. Later on, I returned to that Atlanta hospital’s residency program and proudly graduated as Chief of the Morehouse Family Medicine Residency Program.

Because of my own struggles, I’ve dedicated my life to helping IMGs succeed in U.S. healthcare. Every few weeks, I will share inspiring clinical experiences of my own past, and ofthree IMGs who decided to shape their own futures in the annual Match by joining AmeriClerkships Medical Society.

I invite you to click the links below, get inspired, become an AmeriClerkships Member, and start capturing the attention of residency admission committees with clinical experiences ranging from 100% inpatients, with residency program directors and residency teams, to outpatients with primary care providers.

I’ll be rooting for you,

Pedram Mizani, MD, Founder


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