Introducing Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) Drafting Service for Deans of International Medical Schools

An on-demand service approved by your medical school Dean, using the 2016/2017 AAMC MSPE Task Force recommendations & 2020 COVID-19-specific guidances

U.S. residency program directors ranked Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) nearly as high in importance (4.0/5) as USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 Score (4.1/5) when selecting applicants to interview.

2018 NRMP Program Director Survey Results. (2018). NRMP, 3-3. Retrieve here

An MSPE drafted similar to how U.S. medical school Deans draft for their senior medical students is essential in the decision making of U.S. medical residency programs when they consider your application for an interview. As a matter of fact, 82% of U.S. residency Program Directors waited (2018 NRMP PD Survey; pg 7 “Figure 5”) till after the official MSPE release date of October 1st to extend interviews. If your Dean is unsure or inexperienced with the new MSPE format (click here for common MSPE questions and red-flags), especially with addressing COVID-19 related curricular, evaluative, and other changes in the MSPE, then our MSPE Drafting Service is for you. Here’s how this service works:

Do not be passive by waiving your rights to see your MSPE: Most medical school Deans are open to hearing your points of view on how your MSPE  should explain certain aspects of your history. For example it is not uncommon for a US medical school to as the medical student to draft their own Noteworthy Characteristics, and to give the medical student access to proofread their MSPE and suggest corrections. If your personal or academic history is complicated (takes longer than 30 seconds to explain in a residency interview), then we strongly recommend that you not waive your right to see and comment and even help your school write your MSPE.

Obtain permission from your medical school’s Dean: Ensure that your Dean gives you permission to assist him/her with 1 or all 3 of the following MSPE components:

  1. Noteworthy Characteristics
  2. Academic History, Academic Progress and Summary
  3. Medical School Information

Select your MSPE Drafting Service: Once confirmed, you may then enroll online by individually selecting the corresponding MSPE Drafting Service options on this page. For each component, you will respond to a set of questions, then you’ll meet with Dr. Mizani via video conference to review your responses and begin compiling the portion of MSPE you paid for.

The end result of enrolling in all 3 of the above services is an easy to read, 6-8 page document which is as closely aligned with the 2017 AAMC MSPE recommendations.

Total time spent on drafting all 3 MSPE sections: 8-20 hours.

  1. Be a summary letter of evaluation, and not sound like a letter of recommendation or advocate the student; AND
  2. Highlight the six ACGME core competencies, with specific examples of each (when possible); AND
  3. Be objective, honest, easy to read, and present verifiable information; AND
  4. Present facts which are consistent throughout your ERAS application; AND
  5. Contain a Medical School Information page with pertinent information.

Your can then present your MSPE to your medical school Dean for his/her changes and input, and ask them to place it on their letterhead and either submit it to you to upload to ECFMG/ERAS, or for them to directly upload if they participate in Electronic Credentials Verification by ECFMG.

Dr. Pedram Mizani will personally work with you to learn about your entire medical education history, analyze your transcript and help draft an MSPE for your Dean as he did while he was the Vice Dean of Xavier University School of Medicine. Dr. Mizani has analyzed and analyzed over 2,000 MSPEs from 100 medical schools (both US and international, allopathic and osteopathic), and has personally drafted over 700 MSPEs since 2005, and 80 since the release of 2017 AAMC MSPE Guidelines.

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