On probation, resigned, facing termination, your attorney needs advice or have other residency dilemmas? Read below.

Before agreeing to any special performance-based conditions set forth by your residency program, or agreeing to resign in exchange for not being terminated, or attempting to re-enter medical residency using the same-old strategies as you used to first get into residency, we strongly recommend you speak confidentially with our residency re-entry expert, Dr. Mizani, for FREE!

Residents, fellows, physicians, dentists, pharmacists or any other healthcare professional who plans to re-enter U.S. clinical practice after probation or termination from U.S. residency or fellowship, or after a period of clinical inactivity, often face unforeseen social, familial, personal, professional, and institutional obstacles. Rarely will a U.S. residency, hospital or healthcare facility assume the risk of employing a former resident or fellow with only partial training completion, so in almost all cases a strategic approach to residency re-entry and completion is required. Additionally, re-entry efforts are effective only after structured residency rehabilitation, peer-written letters of recommendations, and clear resolution of all ACGME (or other) core competency deficiencies that led to that discharge are documented. The route to residency reentry will be different for each candidate, and Dr. Mizani and his team of experts can help you decide which will be best for you. To start:

  1. We teach you how to think like a resident selection committee member who will be considering your re-entry application by having you download a complimentary copy of Dr. Mizani’s article published in the July 2017 issue of Residency Program Alert: “10 Considerations when Handling Re-entering Residents” (mainly for re-entering medical residents, however applicable to other professions); then
  2. We ask that you complete the two-step form below, tell us about your situation, then schedule a date/time to meet with Dr. Mizani. Consultation is confidential and free; then
  3. If all goes well and you decide to enroll, you’ll be asked to choose one of 3 levels of structured services (Clinical and Non Clinical; below):

Focus: Residency Termination Analysis; Re-entry Optimized Residency Application Package Preparation and Document Review & Revisions.

Hours of Service~10+

Services included in this package are:

  • Consultative Services:
    • Two 60-minute private sessions for personal assessment and strategy with Dr. Mizani, addressing:
      • Implications of termination, and strategies for rehabilitation of your residency candidacy
      • Ways to move forward, and possible next steps
      • Assistance in generating post-event letters of recommendation and clinical evaluations through rehabilitative clinical experiences through AmeriClerkships, or possible appropriateness of Physician Re-entry program(s), depending on severity of case
      • Advice and assistance regarding applications to off-cycle residency positions
      • Identifying interim job opportunities, if applicable
      • Discuss Main Match, San Francisco Match or Army Match eligibility, including prospective specialties
    • An internal analysis of your Probation or Termination Letter or Final Evaluation Summary Review & Analysis, taking International Medical Graduate versus U.S. Medical Graduate status into special consideration
    • 3 Office Hour Access Passes (for Dr. Mizani’s online office hours; must self-register after enrollment)
    • One Residency Application Analysis & Edit (RAAE; optimized for residency re-entry)
    • One Personal Statement Analysis & Edit (PSAE; optimized for residency re-entry)
    • Unlimited Letters of Recommendation Analysis by Dr. Mizani (can be from pre or post-termination event), including recommendation for usage, modification or elimination
    • One Medical Student Performance Evaluation Analysis (MSPEA; optimized for residency re-entry)
  • Clinical Services: None

FEES: $1299



Focus: Residency Termination Analysis; Re-entry Optimized Residency Application Package Preparation; Document Review & Revisions; In-depth Assessment & Explanation; Private Discussion with 1 Former Program Director.

Hours of Service: ~10-15

Services included in this package are:

  • Consultative Services:
    • All benefits in “Residency Re-entry (Non-Clinical)” package, PLUS
    • Private discussion between 1 former Program Director & Dr. Mizani to discuss his/her opinions about what occurred, your probations, milestones, residents vs. faculty evaluations, and much much more
      • Conducted by Dr. Mizani himself
      • Requires former PD’s cooperation and willingness to speak about you
      • Information gathered will serve as the basis for your remediation and clinical rehabilitation at AmeriClerkships affiliated clinical sites (including qualification for Postgraduate Subinternships)
      • Discussions with additional Program Directors (if attended multiple residencies or fellowships) will be billed at hourly rate.
  • Clinical Services: None

FEES: $3,199


Focus: Residency Termination Analysis; Re-entry Optimized Residency Application Package Preparation; Document Review & Revisions; In-depth Assessment & Explanation; Private Discussion with Your Former Program Director; Professional Liability Insurance AND Re-entry Focused Program Director Supervised Postgraduate Subinternships (PGSI).

Hours of Service~150 to 200+ (including subinternship)

Services included in this package are:

  • Consultative Services:
    • All benefits in “Residency Re-entry (Non-Clinical)” AND “Residency Re-entry + Discussion w/ Your Former PD (Non-Clinical)” packages, PLUS
    • Enhanced Match Certified Membership with re-entry focused mini-private sessions, which will entitle you to the following additional benefits:
      • 1  year of Professional Liability Insurance in preparation for your AmeriClerkships sanctioned Postgraduate Subinternship (PGSI; below) and other clinical opportunities with direct patient contact
      • One Year Access (up to 50 opportunities) to Dr. Mizani’s Office Hours (must self-register after enrollment) + post-office hour mini private sessions (confidential and departure of all other Members, to discuss updates with your situation in private)
      • Click here for Membership benefits and details
  • Clinical Placement (Required): Up to three 4-week Postgraduate Subinternship (PGSI) supervised by Program Directors and team of residents (typically in the same specialty as the previous residency, but may change after 1st-hour consultation with Dr. Mizani) at specially designated ACGME accredited Graduate Medical Education facilities + (NOT recommended for all re-entering residents) Dr. Mizani to personally discuss your case with the Program Director prior to each PGSI block.


  • ~$7,400 ($3,599 for Membership + cost of one 4-week PGSI block)

  • ~$11,700 ($3,699 for Membership + cost of two 4-week PGSI blocks)

  • ~$15,900 ($3,899 for Membership + cost of three 4-week PGSI blocks)


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10 Considerations when Handling Re-entering Residents

10 Considerations when Handling Re-entering Residents

A Must Read for Any Medical Resident in Danger of Being Discharge

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“Take a deep breath and relax, knowing that our behind the scenes expertise, and residency challenges that we personally and successfully overcame makes us uniquely qualified to help you re-enter U.S. medical residency.”

Dr. Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA
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