Resident in Trouble and Residency Reentry

On probation, resigned, facing termination, your attorney needs advice or have other residency dilemmas? Read below.

Before agreeing to any special performance-based conditions set forth by your residency program, or agreeing to resign in exchange for not being terminated, or attempting to re-enter medical residency using the same-old strategies as you used to first get into residency, we strongly recommend you speak confidentially with our residency re-entry expert, Dr. Mizani, for FREE!

Matching into residency once is a lifetime achievement; doing it twice with significant red-flags caused by being a former resident who did not successfully complete her residency is nothing short of a miracle – however stories like this are heard almost daily at ACMedical. Watch Dr. Yu, a former internal medicine resident, and how she successfully re-matched into psychiatry with the help of ACMedical:

Residents, fellows, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, or any other healthcare professional who plans to re-enter U.S. clinical practice after probation or termination from U.S. residency or fellowship, or after a period of clinical inactivity, often face unforeseen social, familial, personal, professional, and institutional obstacles. Rarely will a U.S. residency, hospital, or healthcare facility assume the risk of employing a former resident or fellow with only partial training completion, so in almost all cases a strategic approach to residency re-entry and completion is required.

Ideally, avoiding or rectifying the problems that lead to reentry should be your first step. Our Residency Mentor Membership allows current residents to navigate residency with the support and backing of a mentor to discuss problems or concerns that cannot be brought up during residency with a neutral party. Our Resident In Trouble Membership takes that a step further, adding intervention and support at critical times to defuse escalation and avoid reentry.

If reentry is the only option, approaching it is only effective after structured residency rehabilitation, peer-written letters of recommendations and clear resolution of all ACGME (or other) core competency deficiencies that led to that discharge are documented. The route to residency reentry will be different for each candidate, and Dr. Mizani and his team of experts can help you decide which will be best for you. To start:

  1. We teach you how to think like a resident selection committee member who will be considering your re-entry application by having you download a complimentary copy of Dr. Mizani’s article published in the July 2017 issue of Residency Program Alert: “10 Considerations when Handling Re-entering Residents” (mainly for re-entering medical residents, however applicable to other professions); then
  2. Fill out the form below, tell us about your situation, then schedule a date/time to meet with Dr. Mizani. Consultation is confidential and free; then
  3. If all goes well and you decide to enroll, you’ll have to decide on adding clinical rotations to bolster your case for reentry to your membership benefits.

We offer two personalized memberships especially designed to help the challenges you are faced with, with the direct assistance of a seasoned Residency Mentor:

Resident In-Trouble

  • Mentorship (Meeting): Private In-Trouble, Probation Letter and Dismissal Appeal Strategy Sessions w/RSCM
  • Document Review (Online w/ RSCM): Probation Notice Review
  • Residency Prep (Online): Residency Prep Academy + Members Only Webinars (w/ Priority Registration Approvals)
  • Document Analysis (Online w/ RSCM): LOR (Unlimited) + MSPE (1x)
  • Intervention: RSCM Discussion with Program Director
  • 30 Days of Free Resident Mentor Membership (if Matched, best for 1st 30 days of residency)

Residency Reentry

  • For US Clinicals: $1/3 Mil Liability Insurance, Credentialing, Hospital Processing, Orientations, OSHA & UP & HIPAA Training, Tier 1-3 Support
  • Mentorship (Meeting): 2 Private Strategy* + Weekly Office Hours + Email Support w/ RSCM*
  • Residency Prep (Online): Residency Prep Academy + Members Only Webinars (w/ Priority Registration Approvals)
  • Document Analysis (Online w/ RSCM): LOR (Unlimited) + Residency/Fellowship Application (1x) + MSPE (1x)
  • Document Edits (Online w/ Healthcare Writers): Unlimited Personal Statement & Residency/Fellowship Application
  • Reentry Document Review (Online w/ RSCM): Probation and/or Termination Letter Reviews
  • Intervention: RSCM Discussion with Former Program Director
  • 30 Days of Free Resident Mentor Membership (if Matched, best for 1st 30 days of residency)

10 Considerations when Handling Re-entering Residents

10 Considerations when Handling Re-entering Residents

Free Download

A Must Read for Any Medical Resident in Danger of Being Discharge

Please complete the form below to schedule a ‘Residency Reentry’ meeting with Dr. Mizani:

“Take a deep breath and relax, knowing that our behind the scenes expertise, and residency challenges that we personally and successfully overcame makes us uniquely qualified to help you re-enter U.S. medical residency.”

Dr. Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA
Successfully Avoided Residency Re-entry by Transitioning from PGY1 at Floyd to PGY2 & PGY3 at Morehouse
2001 Chief Resident – Morehouse School of Medicine
Former Medical Residency Admission Committee Member
Founder & President

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