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Four Epic Traps to Avoid

December 18th, 2016|

While you're reviewing the innovative services offered by AmeriClerkships, here are four career traps you may just be finding yourself in (without realizing it!): 1. Your E-mail address. If you're using Earthlink, AOL, Hotmail, your local cable provider, [...]


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Because of strict contracts we have with all of our affiliates we are unable to disclosure their information until full enrollment. As much as we want to keep a good relationship between all of our clients we also find it just as important to keep good relationships with our hospitals and attendings as well.

Unfortunately, yes. Despite our numerous pre-approvals & confirmations received from your designated supervising attending, there is a 1 in 4 chance of a physician’s unavailability due to unannounced travels, double booking through local schools, or unforeseen emergencies. But no worries since we typically have back up clinical sites with same or better ‘Clinical Features’ on reserve within 50 miles of your original clinical site’s zip code. And if we need to upgrade you to a more expensive site (within 50 miles of your original site) in to preserve your start date, then we will do it at no additional charge to you.

Start off by reviewing our different membership options, and then contact and request to be invoiced for an upgrade. Certified memberships unlock many essential resources and services, and we highly recommend it if you want to succeed during Match!

Public transportation is time consuming, unsafe or unavailable 24 hours/day, and not accessible to city suburbs. Your supervising physician may round at multiple hospitals, or take night calls, or visit hospitals located in the outer limits of a city, and he will not want to inconvenience you if he believe you are unable to make it on time due to transportation issues. Also just in case you’re wondering, asking the physician or his staff for a ride is both unprofessional, and filled with risks and liabilities.

You are able to request for a LOR at the end of each clinical block. There is no ethical organization that will promise a LOR, as this will put the legitimacy of the letter in question. You never want to have your LOR considered to be something you have paid for.

Positions will fill up quickly in our busy seasons. If you are looking to begin at a certain time you can enroll in advance to hold your position and if you need to extend your starting date we can most certainly do that for you, we only need 45 days notice before your scheduled starting date in order to do this. It is MUCH more simple to postpone your starting date then having to fit you in where there are no available seats.

There is no way that any ethical company will ever be able to guarantee you will be able to get into a residency program. There are multiple factors that are considered by admission committee board members when reviewing their applicants. Your interview skills are extremely important and may make or break your chances. One of our doctors obtained only 2 interviews (because of a low number of applications submitted, only 10) but was able to Match. I met an IMG that didn’t go through our program, had 15 interviews and didn’t match! We have programs to help you strengthen your interview skills. Your hands on exposure by itself will improve your confidence and understanding of the US healthcare system, so we will help you from all angles.

ALL of our programs are HANDS ON, we do not offer observership programs. Unlike any other companies, Americlerkships goes far as far as protecting the IMG w/ a $1 million/3 million medical liability insurance just in case you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance of a lawsuit. This is not necessary in cases on observerships, which is offered primarily by residency programs, med schools and anyone else without liability insurance for your training.

Well, this actually is not as easy to answer as it was last year. There was a record number of final year US medical students applying to Family Medicine (the specialty with the most lenient qualification requirements), so I would really say that Internal Med, Family Med, Peds, and Psych are going to be anyone’s best option (depending on your background of course).

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