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8-12 weeks of insured and residency-relevant U.S. clinical experiences during the 2022 Match’s interview season:

  • Are recommended by Program Directors & Selection Committee Members, fill a 6-month gap (Oct to Mar), may land you interviews and even higher positions on program’s rank order lists (ref: Residency Panel Webinar on 9/28/21), and
  • Will help you secure 1-3 new U.S. letters of recommendation in preparation for SOAP (in case you don’t Match).

Our limited time Instant Booking Sale offers you immediate approvals on high-quality U.S. clinical experiences as low as $250/week:

  • 130 affiliated U.S. clinics and hospitals
  • Weekly fees lowered as much as 45%
  • No-wait enrollment on specific pre-approved start dates
  • Includes Sub-I’s, Auditions and PGY1Connect sites
  • In-Person or Live Online rotations
  • From $250/week (normally $450+/week)
  • Start as early as 11 days, and into March 2022
  • Minimum required for a free membership lowered by 4 weeks (up to $2199 in savings)
  • Sale ends October 14th, 2021

Search and book your next clinical rotations at MyClinicals, or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you*:

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LORs on Hospital Letterhead (81)

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How it works

AmeriClerkships is the shortest distance between you and medical residency. We offer:

1. Free consult to establish your current competitiveness
2. Personalized U.S. residency entry strategies
3. Live access to in-house U.S. physician mentors with residency admission experience
4. Strategies to strengthen U.S. letters of recommendation
5. Reliable placement and management of U.S. clinical rotations
6. Professional optimization of every aspect of your medical residency application
7. Residency interview preparation
8. Guaranteed outcomes

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92% verified 4 and 5-star reviews by AmeriClerkships Members. Here’s what they have to say about us:

I matched! Thank you to the professional team of AmeriClerkships Medical Society. They were helpful, honest and very professional. My relation with this organizations was a life changing experience.

M Ramirez, MD (Match Success, Family Medicine), Facebook

I’m so happy that I’m preparing for the match with AmeriClerkships, they are helping me and teaching me a lot of things that I was never aware of. Thank you!

T. Mansy, MD, Facebook

Early match contract 5 Dec – pretty happy about that! several Interviews, went to 9 before I was offered a contract and I fell in love with them so I accepted. I have been at peace since then. Thank you AmeriClerkships for doing what you do.

M Vasquez, MD (Match Success, Family Medicine), Facebook

AmeriClerkships try their best to accommodate the students and if things fall through, they try their best to get it back on track. The staff are genuine and easy to work with. I am glad that they are helping me on this journey.

J. Chiu, MD, Facebook

4 thumbs up! I feel more confident knowing this group of professionals got my back in such a vigorous journey to become a doctor in the United States.

Y. H. Wang, MD (Match Success, General Surgery), Facebook

As an IMG, I was thankful enough to have the support of AmeriClerkships. I am the strong, empathetic, and knowledgable physician today because of my past clinical experiences, and I really can’t be more thankful.

N. Chandrasekaran, MBBS, Facebook

I matched at University of New Mexico. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to everyone at AmeriClerkships. God bless you all and keep doing what you are doing helping candidates to follow their dreams.

A. J. Alvarado, MD (Match Success, Neurology), Facebook

They made it so easy. This summer I will also be doing a rotation through them and can’t wait for it. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to be placed with a great doctor with no hassle at all.

A. Gondal, MD, Facebook
5 Guarantees AmeriClerkships
* Each Clinical Site (CS) has 3 price levels: Level 1 (1-4 weeks), Level 2 (5-11 weeks), and Level 3 (12+ weeks), which you can find by visiting myclinicals.acmedical.org (completion of a short form may be required). For this promotion, we will: 1) Instantly enroll you in any available start date in any participating clinical site, and 2) Pass along our savings to you (up to 45% off, on some sites, Level 3 pricing), and 3) Offer you the Membership Fee Waiver for the minimum # of weeks required. Each clinical site has a minimum & maximum # of weeks enrollment, which must be adhered to. ACMedical Credit on File may not be used to pay for any products or services which have been discounted or on promotion. Our promotions are based heavily on CS availabilities, hence this promotion is for new CB enrollments only and can not be applied to already paid CBs. This promotion or usage of COF may not be combined with any other offers or promotions or payment plans. Some CS have chosen to be excluded from this promotion. Every Member enrolling in CBs must have Professional Liability Insurance specific to their type and intended use of CBs, which ACMedical provides its Members by way of required Memberships (acmedical.org/memberships). Additionally, immediately upon CB enrollment, each Member must undergo both Internal (applicable to all CS) & External (specific to certain CS) Credentialing at acmedical.org/credentialing; it must be noted that certain participating CS may have additional External Credentialing processing and requirements and fees that will be billed separately, so please inquire prior to enrollment. Please inquire about our free or at-cost N-95 and KN-95 masks, available only for In-Person’ and not ‘Live Online Experiences’, and thanks to ACMedical’s COVID Relief Fund, the cost of expedited shipping and handling within the continental United States is paid for by ACMedical. PPE supplies are limited, and it is a Member’s sole responsibility to request for PPE by formally signing our ‘PPE Disclaimer & Request form’ located on the bottom of this page by no later than 7 days prior to your start date; ‘PPE Disclaimer & Request form’ received with less notice than 7 days may be subject to delayed delivery, and in extreme situations, being rejected. It is also worth reiterating that securing letters of recommendation, or residency/fellowship interviews or position is performance-based, so although taking advantage of ACMedical’s products and services will increase your chances, securing LORs, interviews, or a Match is not guaranteed. Full details of guarantees can be found here. We reserve the right to modify this promotion at any time. Test names and other trademarks such as USMLE, ERAS, ECFMG, SOAP, NRMP, and the Match are the property of the respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with ACMedical. Please contact us for more details.