Project Description

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is located only a few miles from the trendy Williamsburg and Green Point neighborhoods, putting members in an incredibly active and vibrant community made up of a diverse population of Americans. Members that are looking to take advantage of the clinical sites affiliated with Wyckoff have a number of outpatient facilities to choose from. Each site’s attending may visit the hospital periodically to supplement the care they provide at their clinics, and members potentially can accompany them to the hospital as well. This gives members a unique opportunity to network at a hospital that has historically offered interview and Matched AmeriClerkships members, making any inroads at this facility are incredibly valuable. Because the affiliated clinical sites and Wyckoff are located in different areas of Brooklyn, members must familiarize themselves with the MTA system in the area and use private ride-sharing services (Uber, taxis) to take advantage of each unique opportunity available to them.

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