Project Description

AmeriClerkships has numerous clinical sites and hospitals in the Chicago area, and the family medicine offerings affiliated with Presence Saint Joseph Hospital are closely associated with past interviews and Matches offered to AmeriClerkships members. For example, one of the clinical sites is a very busy family medicine site and is ideal for learning how primary care is practiced in outpatient settings, long-term care facilities, and during inpatient rounds. This attending and others in various specialties will visit many different hospitals and sites around Chicago depending on patient need, so rotating members may be able to accompany physicians when presented the opportunity. Because the physicians at these clinical sites move between several different offices, members can only rotate if they have access to private transportation or use ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft. This also gives members options to visit other affiliated hospitals besides Presence Saint Joseph Hospital if the attending physician has multiple affiliated hospitals, increasing each member’s chances for networking in anticipation of residency.

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