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    For English fluency: Native/functionally native means you converse easily and accurately. Advanced means you speak accurately, but are perceived as a non-native speaker. Good means you speak with some errors. Fair means many errors. Basic means difficulty communicating.
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“4 thumbs up! I feel more confident knowing this group of professionals got my back in such a vigorous journey to become a doctor in the United States.”
Yun Hsiang XX, MD
Completed 22 Weeks of Various PGSI Specialties
Matched into Surgery at Morristown Medical Center; 2017 Match

Medical Residency Audition Opportunities for Medical Graduates & Certain Senior Medical Students

AmeriClerkships Medical Society (AMS), in partnerships with various Graduate Medical Education (GME) departments is proud to offer rare opportunity for medical graduate members of AMS to enroll in Postgraduate Subinternships (PGSIs) in over 30 specialties, and audition in hopes of being offered a residency interview. PGSIs are designated as AMS-PGY1CONNECT sites, meaning that AMS members have secured residency interviews and even “matched” into such hospital(s). PGSIs are ‘VERIFIED’ sites, which indicates the existence of a clinical affiliation between AMS and the host GME. Additionally as a benefit of being an AmeriClerkships member, PGSIs may be labeled as “Audition” during the months of August to December of each year, which will ensure added attention by various residency team members, including Chief Residents and Program Directors, while being evaluated for a residency interview. Requirements for “auditions”:

  • Make an official request to “audition” in writing at the time of enrollment
  • Become fully credentialed at AmeriClerkships
  • Apply to that residency program during that particular Match season
  • Available only from September to December of each year

An “audition” type subinternship may lead to a residency “interview”, if the PGSI has:

  • Exhibited excellent clinical and patient care skills during their subinternship
  • Passed USMLE Step 1 (or Comlex Level 1)
  • Proven that they genuinely want to be residents at that residency program

Although exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, a AMS members who “Matched” into a PGSI Hospital’s residency program, have:

  • Completed 12-28 weeks of PGSI, with superb performance
  • Secured 2-4 LORs directly from PGSI supervising attendings
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency by time residency starts
  • Passed USMLE Step 3


  • Rotate with top teaching attending physicians, residents, medical students and even Program Directors.
  • Be involved in patient care teams in both inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Learn to participate as an integral member of a medical team.
  • Refine history-taking and physical examination skills.
  • Learn to formulate a problem list and prioritize medical problems.
  • Learn the judicious selection of laboratory and ancillary tests.
  • Learn to institute drug and supportive therapy.
  • Learn to manage acute and chronic medical problems including the use of consultative services.
  • Learn to develop definitive plans for ongoing care and follow-up of dismissed patients.
  • Request for an “Audition” rotation (for increased attention by residency team, in consideration for being offered an interview; interviews are of course, not guaranteed)

Upon satisfactory completion of each PGSI clinical block, AMS PGSI will be evaluated based on the 6 ACGME Core Competencies, and may request a performance-based letter of recommendation on official GME/teaching hospital letterhead.


$749 to $999/week. A minimum Clinicals Only Membership is required ($299) to cover your professional liability insurance; however AmeriClerkships strongly recommends a Certified Match Membership, which includes a complete suite of residency-prep benefits in addition to the professional liability insurance for AmeriClerkships certified clinical blocks (click here for Memberships benefits). Contact us for current promotions.

Recent Reviews

“Thanks to the opportunities provided by AmeriClerkships, I was fortunate to secure an interview at where I completed my postgraduate sub-internship. I gained valuable clinical experience to build upon the foundation I gained during medical school and I am appreciative for the opportunity.
Angela XX, MD
Completed 12 Weeks of Psychiatry PGSI
Matched into PGSI Hospital’s Psychiatry Residency; March 2016

“I had the opportunity to enroll in the sub-internship program. Throughout my sub-internship, I gained valuable clinical skills, knowledge and insight into the life of a first year resident and subsequently, secured an interview. Had I not been a part of the AmeriClerkships family, I would never have had this wonderful opportunity – Thank you! I highly recommend AmeriClerkships to any international medical graduate looking to gain more experience to stand out during the residency application process.”
Arezu XX, MD
Completed 12 Weeks of Psychiatry PGSI
Secured Interviews at PGSI Hospital’s Psychiatry Residency; 2016 Match

“The experience was immensely beneficial – Thank you! I got two letters of recommendation: one from the Program Director of Psychiatry program, and another from the Director of Research. During my research Postgraduate Subinternship I got published as the first author in one abstract, and as a co-author for two other abstracts!”
Bishoy XX, MD
Completed 12 Weeks of Psychiatry PGSI
Secured Interviews at PGSI Hospital Psychiatry Residency; 2016 Match

* AmeriClerkships reserves the right to adjust promotional end dates based on availability. Due to the limited space and clinical site availabilities, and out of respect for clinical site reservations with existing AmeriClerkships affiliated clinical sites, enrollment in Postgraduate Subinternship is limited to new clinical block enrollments and not meant to be exchanged with clinical blocks that AMS members have already “Approved” and committed to.  Requirements: Willing and able to legally reside in/around Miami, Florida (U.S.) at least 1 week prior to your desired start date; Can communicate easily in English; Have personal transportation (Uber or Lyft are acceptable; may not rely on public transportation); Be available 24/7 (no time off or holidays; 100% mandatory attendance unless arranged with supervisors; expect to be present ~12 hours/day + calls + early mornings & weekend patient rounds); Minimum 4 weeks of U.S. clinical experience within the last 5 years (AmeriClerkships-type clinical experience preferred). See Step #3 here for PGSI specific additional required documents for processing.