Propose the Next Topics for ACMedical Webinars to

  • Win $50, and

  • Co-Host With Dr. Mizani

If you haven’t noticed on the ACMedical YouTube Channel, we love to post Match-appropriate webinars often. Now, we’d like to hear your proposed topics for our next webinars and if your topic is selected, you’ll be invited to co-host that webinar with Dr. Mizani (completely voluntary), and we’ll deposit $50 to your ACMedical account as a thank you. We’re looking forward to reading your response!

  • How to handle ethical situations during interviews (are you married, have children, sexual preference, rank #, etc)
  • How to make an impression in 10-minute panel interviews
  • How to manage stress and cope with the MATCH process
  • How to improve your leadership skills while maintaining a good relationship with colleagues
  • How NRMP works, ranking strategies, mismatch?
  • Prematch Offer: Should we take it or leave it?
  • How to make decisions on ranking programs when we haven’t seen them in person?
  • How to think and act like a future chief resident (advice from a former chief resident)

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