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For Webinars, Orientations, Office Hours & Workshops 

With the exception of those who were granted a 1x Office Hour Access Pass, all other registrants must have a qualifying Active ACMedical membership at the time of registration. Click here to see office hours and document analysis/editing benefits included in each membership type.

Office Hour with Dr. Mizani (Faculty Physician)

Tue & Thu. For all matters except document analysis.

Document Analysis: LOR (by Faculty Physician)

Mondays. No limit to # of LORs analyzed.

Document Analysis: MSPE (by Faculty Physician)

Tuesdays. MSPE analyzed only 1x.

Document Analysis & Editing: Personal Statement (by Faculty Physician)

Wednesdays. PS is edited in a single sitting (or 2 sessions at Faculty's discretion).

Document Analysis & Editing: Residency/Fellowship App & Supplemental ERAS (by Leadership Intern)

Various days. Leadership Intern edits 1-2x, and prepares for Faculty Physician edits (below).

Document Analysis & Editing: ERAS & Supplemental ERAS (by Faculty Physician)

Thursdays. First edit by Leadership Intern is a prerequisite; Faculty Physician then edits 1-2x.

Career Development Office Hour

Meet with your professional writer to discuss documents and general residency advice!

Postgraduate Subinternship Orientation

Prepare you for your subinternship by providing you with the key factors of a successful experience!

For members attending PGSI blocks only!

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US Clinical Experience Orientation

Intended for any non-US citizen or non-permanent US resident who is in the process of entering the U.S. for clinical experience

Register before you cross!

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Internships @ ACMedical

An intense 12-month internship for exceptional medical graduates
Offers are being made now!

  • Earn up to $75k/year in salary and benefits
  • Develop your leadership, technology, communication & U.S. systems-based practice skills with students, physicians, residency and hospital representatives from U.S. and all across the globe
  • Opportunities in 5 solutions-driven, culturally diverse departments
  • Up to 75% telework
  • Work directly under the guidance of Dr. Mizani and other leadership team members @ ACMedical
  • 6 Interns, 1-year commitment
  • Acceptance offers are being made now, so don’t wait!
  • Starts June 6, 2022

Details, FAQ & Application: Click here!


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