You’ve Worked Hard to Match into Residency. So Did 1,000 Other Medical Residents Who Are Dismissed by Their Programs Each Year.

Introducing: Resident Mentor Mentorship, designed to ensure first year medical residents thrive in the stressful and competitive environment of residency. Whether you need up to 5 minutes to talk about a situation, or a quick question through text or Gchat, Dr. Mizani will be there to help you be the best version of yourself and more importantly, help you navigate through and survive adversarial situations which can lead to probations and residency dismissals.

Our Resident Mentor Membership is the flagship membership to ensure that medical residents succeed by completing PGY1 residency, and to support them in non-litigious ways to ensure they get back on track while still a resident (coming soon: Resident In-Trouble Membership), or to re-enter residency if they have resigned or been dismissed (Residency Reentry Memberships).

You will have constant access in various ways, even quick 5 minute phone calls or sms or online chats with our in-house experts such as Dr. Mizani, throughout your residency membership period. We will help you develop a blueprint for your medical career as you navigate residency, acquire new Letters of Recommendation and decide on future sub-specialization, and ensure you are doing everything you can to set yourself for success.

Resident Mentor Membership

$799Annual Membership Fee
  • Dr. Mizani as Your Personal Residency Advisor
  • Rapid Phone Consults (5 Minute Calls as Needed during Business Hours)
  • Unlimited Text & GChat Message Access to Dr. Mizani
  • Unlimited Letters of Recommendation Analysis by Dr. Mizani
  • Access to Dr. Mizani via Email
  • Access to Dr. Mizani’s Weekly Online Office Hours

Are you an AmeriClerkships Member or Alumni who has Matched into an ACGME accredited residency or fellowship? Click here to claim your free 30 day trial, compliments of Dr. Mizani.

Meet Your Residency Mentor & Coach

Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA

Former Chief of Morehouse Family Medicine Residency. Sat on 2 residency admission committees. Current Chief Clinical Officer of AmeriClerkships, who celebrated helping its 1000th successful medical residency Match.