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Letter of Enrollment

Members that are Fully Enrolled Certified no later than four days prior to their earliest “Estimated Start Date” are eligible for a Letter of Enrollment (LOE). LOEs are issued on AMS letterhead and are intended for the sole purpose of establishing the services provided to a member by AMS. LOE is not intended to provide any legal advice or to provide warranties or guarantees of any kind – neither implied nor in writing – regarding anything beyond the scope of their enrollment agreement and the products and services, which a member has paid for and enrolled in. Your medical education status (student vs graduate) and intended use of each clinical block (for credit or not for credit) will determine the type of LOE which you will be issued.

What is the minimum requirement to get my Letter of Enrollment?2020-09-27T16:51:28-07:00

Only when you become FEC can AmeriClerkships attest that you meet all qualifications to start your clinicals. Therefore you must submit and receive approval for every document required in order for AmeriClerkships to issue your Letter of Enrollment (LOE).

I’m a medical student, do I need a Letter of Enrollment or a Letter of Good Standing from my school for my rotations?2020-09-27T15:49:56-07:00

The answer is; it depends, both on your vista status and the type of experience you are completing in the United States.

For example, a for-credit rotation (the categories of which are defined here) allows students to have expanded responsibilities with their school’s guidance, which must be reflected in the Letter of Enrollment (LOE) and the conversation during your border crossing. For-credit clinicals have a more limited inventory, are offered in fewer states than “Not for Credit”, are under more strict supervisory policies by the U.S. Department of State, and various medical boards (since a for-credit clinical elective may involve the student practicing to be a doctor, also known as practicing limited medicine without a license). Visiting students signing up for this type of rotation should ask for a letter of sponsorship from their medical school documenting as much details and their approval of all clinical elective(s) taking place in the United States, and that they are in good standing with that medical school.

For rotations that are not for credit, it means that your medical school has no involvement in this rotation as this is not a part of your curriculum, is being done during your vacation time (not during the regular semester) and thus is categorized as a volunteer activity. In this type of rotation, you must not portray yourself as a medical student doing for-credit clinicals (i.e. introducing yourself as a 3rd or 4th or 5th year medical student, or sharing your diagnostic opinions, etc.) Not for credit type of CB is not work, unpaid, and will not go on your transcript, therefore most state medical boards do not govern this type of experience, and do not care if your medical school is approved in that state. This also means you are coming to the U.S. to watch medicine be practiced (and not be the one who practices medicine, such as limited practice by medical students from properly processed and pre-approved medical students in for-credit clinicals), therefore categorized by the Department of State (U.S. border control and embassies) as observational. If this is the type of clinical rotations you are signed up for, then make sure that you do not confuse the border patrol officers by telling them you are coming to do clinical electives, as that would be a misrepresentation of your medical school’s involvement.

You are required to immediately disclose the for-credit or not-for-credit status of clinical rotations with AmeriClerkships prior to enrollment, by way of completing the AmeriClerkships Clinical Authorization Letter.

My Letter of Enrollment says “observership”; I want hands-on experiences before residency and need this changed.2020-09-27T16:58:41-07:00

Our Letters of Enrollment are written in compliance with “9 FAM 402.2 (U) TOURISTS AND BUSINESS VISITORS AND MEXICAN BORDER CROSSING CARDS – B VISAS AND BCCS (CT:VISA-1151; 09-14-2020) (Office of Origin: CA/VO)“, therefore if you are a medical student or graduate gaining not-for-credit clinical experiences, your LOE will refer to that as an “Observership”. This will not be changed, AND we certainly recommend against the usage of the terms ‘hands-on’ or ‘training’ or ‘practice’, unless you are a U.S. medical resident or licensed physician.

Does my visa status allow me access into the United States for rotations?2019-02-04T15:27:18-07:00

Each visa status carries a different set of requirements; if you are unsure of your status and ability to come to the United States, the best and only way to be 100% confident is to consult an immigration attorney.

What happens if my visa is denied even with the Letter of Enrollment?2020-09-27T17:11:00-07:00

In that case, members can eligible for a partial AmeriClerkships Credit on File, or ask to switch their in-person U.S. clinical block to a ‘Live Online’ method of participation. Please refer to your signed Enrollment Agreement for more details.

How do I obtain a Letter of Enrollment?2020-09-27T16:50:30-07:00

Issuance of LOE may be delayed (or, rarely, declined) at the discretion of AMS; factors which may cause delays to include missing required documents for enrolled clinicals, not being in financial good standing, and performance or behavioral issues. The usage of an LOE will not guarantee anyone’s entrance into the United States. AMS is not an educational entity therefore its LOE is not meant to be used for securing visas, credits, or to show that AMS is sponsoring a member’s stay in the U.S. If AMS has agreed to facilitate the issuance of an LOE on a supervising physician’s clinic letterhead and signed by that same physician, it will do so using a standard, non-revisable language template for the type of Clinical block a member has enrolled in. However, securing an LOE on clinic letterhead is quite time-consuming. It may take AMS up to 3 days prior to a member’s scheduled start date to secure this LOE (but typically much sooner). A supervising physician has the right to change his/her mind for signing an LOE on his/her clinic letterhead at any time. Furthermore, the member must agree that AMS or the supervising physician’s inability to provide an LOE on that supervisor’s letterhead may not be used as the basis for cancellation or switching of a clinical site, and in such event, the member agrees to the standard protocol of using an LOE on AMS letterhead instead.

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