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Live Residency Events @ Kaplan Chicago: March 8th & 9th, 2017

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AmeriClerkships @ Kaplan Chicago March 8th and 9th 2017

March 8th & 9th: 9am to 7pm
1-on-1 Residency Strategy Interviews
(with Mrs. Regnier)

 March 8th: 12pm to 1pm
Preparing for the 2018 Match
(with Dr. Mizani & Mrs. Regnier)

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Welcome Kaplan Complete Prep Student!

Since 2010, AmeriClerkships Medical Society has been a trusted provider of U.S. clinical experiences in teaching hospitals, and the provider of numerous residency entry services for doctors enrolled in Kaplan Medical’s Complete Prep (CP) program.* Students enrolled in Kaplan’s CP program are entitled to up to 8 weeks of insured U.S. clinical experience through AmeirClerkships, inclusive of a Certified Membership.

Required for all Complete Prep sponsored students/doctors: Click here to read our answers to the most commonly asked questions by Kaplan CP sponsored doctors.

To date, AmeriClerkships has been instrumental in helping doctors who are sponsored by governments abroad, securing 316 positive Match outcomes!

AmeriClerkships’ combination of services helps our members craft the most confident, experienced and presentable version of themselves. Complete the form to the right, and get up to 8 weeks of AmeriClerkships sponsored by Kaplan, so absolutely free to you!

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