Internships @ ACMedical
For Medical Graduates

Become a Paid Intern @ ACMedical *

An exciting, highly competitive 12-month residency-bridge employment opportunity with exclusive benefits to help medical graduates Match into medical residency

8 medical graduates will be selected to work as Interns at ACMedical to gain valuable, non-clinical yet hands-on experience working with physician-mentors within the Medical Education Support Services industry, at a salary of $50,000 + generous employee benefits. At the successful completion of your internship and in return for you delaying applying to residency for 1 year, you will receive up to $15,000 in ACMedical Credit on File to help offset the costs of residency application preparation (e.g. U.S. clinical rotations, mentorships, interview prep, etc.) for participating in the Match that follows your 1-year internship, using ACMedical Services.

This Internship will serve TWO goals:

You will receive generous pay and employee benefits, working with key personnel at various ACMedical Departments, with a salary of $50,000 and flexible work schedule. Please see job ‘Prerequisites’ below.

At the successful conclusion of your 1-year internship:

  1. Your experiences will serve as key building blocks of your upcoming U.S. medical residency application, fill recent gaps, and enable you to demonstrate leadership and professionalism on-the-job, AND
  2. You will receive up to $15,000 in ACMedical Credit on File (COF) to help pay for the costs of U.S. medical residency application preparation for the following Match cycle, using ACMedical Services such as 16 weeks of U.S. clinical rotations, ACMedical’s Match Certified + Mock Interview Membership (the highest level of membership), and Dr. Mizani’s direct mentorship and support:
    1. A $10,000 COF for successfully completing your 1-year internships term, AND
    2. Up to $5,000 in additional COF for meeting and beating specific job related milestones.

Departments with available Internship opportunities:

As an Enrollment Consultant, you may serve as a gatekeeper to identifying, counseling and helping the initial guidance of future Members like yourself for enrollment into ACMedical. Taking a proper medical education history of each candidate will play a critical role in providing each with evidence based consultative advice, as well as enrolling them in the highest yield services and clinicals that ACMedical offers, and preparing each Member for what’s to come in their upcoming 1 year of Membership at ACMedical.

As a Credentialing Specialist, you will be responsible for ensuring timely and efficient internal (for ACMedical) and external (e.g. hospital processing) credentialing of each Member. This position is best suited for medical graduates with experience credentialing healthcare professionals for their work positions. You will play a key role serving as the an advocate for ACMedical Members reviewing and approving key enrollment documents, as well as when processing each Member at hospitals for approvals. You will be responsible for keeping all data up to date in

As a Clinical Coordinator, you will assist the Enrollment team to gain approvals for clinical rotations, as well as work with other Clinical Coordinators to approve and confirm all upcoming Clinical Blocks. Ensuring on-time start and end to each rotation is key, and complete familiarity with our inventory of clinical opportunities will be essential in order to provide alternatives when a Clinical Site backs-out. This position requires experience communicating with U.S. licensed physicians and hospital administration, so communication skills is key. You will be responsible for keeping all data up to date in

As a Career Development Intern, you will learn and be able to counsel future residency candidates using evidence-based research, and updated data for this and next annual Match. You will also assist Dr. Mizani, Healthcare Writers & Editors, and other senior personnel on all matters other than Credentialing and Clinical Coordinating, such as co-hosting webinars and podcasts, coordinating meetings, collecting Career Development documents from Members, etc. You will be responsible for keeping all data up to date in


  • Medical Doctorate Degree (MD or DO or equivalent);
  • First 90-days Training Period must be completed 100% in-person at ACMedical’s headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita (socially distancing observed);
  • Ability to legally work in the United States;
  • Disciplined work ethics and strong organization skills for a hybrid type of work (2.5 days/week in-person at our headquarters, 2.5 days/week telework) from months 4 to 12;
  • Willing to delay preparing for and applying to any residency or fellowship training program until completion of your 1 year internship at ACMedical;
  • 2 years of work experience in the United States;
  • 1 year of experience working in a paperless environment (paperless charting/EMR, cloud based CRM, etc.);
  • Ability to adhere to strict confidentiality of data, proprietary information, and sensitive healthcare materials;
  • Excellent communication and data entry skills (50+ WPM; may be tested);
  • Welcome work + technology (work easily in Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar and online Client Relationship Management systems such as, workflow automation);
  • Understand and sympathize with international cultures;
  • Pronounce names correctly and with care;
  • Realize that healthcare is complex and filled with liabilities, and managing so many Members from so many countries in so many of our clinical sites will take a while to master, so you will not take offense to constructive criticism, having your work be questioned, or having to instantly redirect your approach even when on an active call with a Member;
  • Humble, teachable, quick, confident, eager to learn how to help AMS become even better, faster and more efficient in what it already does so well.

Reasons to Apply Now

ACMedical Internships are designed for medical graduates with a very specific goal of securing U.S. medical residency interviews and a Match within 12 months of completing their internship obligation. This is why at the conclusion of each 12-month internship term, each Intern will receive a $10,000 ACMedical Credit on File to help pay for up to 16 weeks of U.S. clinical rotations, ACMedical’s highest level of membership, and Dr. Mizani’s direct mentorship and support for the following U.S. medical residency Match cycle.

While most employers may not be incentivized to see you leave for residency, we at ACMedical look forward to it and will do everything in our power to assist you secure and do well in each U.S. medical residency interview once you complete your 12-month internship obligation.

Working at ACMedical is not only rewarding because of the numerous good deeds you will do for each Member, but your ability to learn how the administrative side of healthcare and graduate medical education work hand in hand will sharpen your skills to solve new-age problems efficiently and effectively, especially during the pandemic.

All ACMedical Interns must report daily to Dr. Mizani and other leadership team members at ACMedical. In turn, this provides each Intern the unique opportunity to learn about professionalism, leadership, and keys to success in in each Intern’s upcoming residency.

‘Work Benefits’ include mainly remote work, 401(k) and 401(k) Matching (if your internship is promoted to a full time position), Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, Flexible Schedule, Flexible Spending Account, Health Insurance, Paid Time Off, Professional Development Assistance, Relocation Assistance and Vision Insurance.

‘Residency Prep Benefits’ start upon the conclusion of a 1 year internship, where each Intern will receive a $10,000 ACMedical Credit on File to help pay for up to 16 weeks of U.S. clinical rotations, ACMedical’s highest level of membership, and Dr. Mizani’s direct mentorship and support for the following U.S. medical residency Match cycle.

Once you are done with your 12-month Internship, you can use up to $7,900 of your $10,000 Credit on File to complete up to 16 weeks of U.S. clinical rotations at any ACMedical affiliated clinical site which you qualify for, and begin securing your Letters of Recommendation. So not only do you get paid for working with the most medical graduate friendly organization in the world, but we will help you establish patient contact at key ACMedical affiliates which will improve your residency Match competitiveness.

* ACMedical Internships are non-clinical, and not ACGME accredited. Internships at ACMedical are non-clinicals, not residency, not fellowship, and not graduate medical education training. Internships are administrative jobs at ACMedical with personalized benefits catered to highly qualified candidates with ultimate goals to match into U.S. medical residency. This job, or the benefits or ACMedical Credit on Files (COF) offered are not meant to guarantee any specific residency placement outcome. Internships are at-will employments, and governed by the same rules and policies which apply to all other ACMedical Employees in the State of California. You must successfully complete the full 12-month course of Internship and not resign or be terminated to qualify for $10,000 COF; however you may accumulate up to $5,000 in COF during the normal course of your employment for meeting preset work related milestones, which you will carry with you regardless of resignation or termination. Please contact with any questions.



  • For April 2021 start: Accepting Applications Now
  • For September 2021 start: Accepting Applications Now
  • For April 2022 start: Accepting Applications Now
  • For September 2021 start: Accepting Applications Now

Initial applications are reviewed daily. If your initial application is accepted, you will receive a link to our full job application, and instructions on how to schedule your online interview with Dr. Mizani. Interview offers are valid for 48 hours, so we appreciate your immediate response.


Helping future healthcare professionals from across the globe learn from one another, become acculturated and gain U.S. clinical experience in the highest rated clinical sites and teaching hospitals, coupled with expert consultations and residency-prep are tall orders, but we pride ourselves in having developed the practical, technological and operational infrastructure needed to be able to achieve these goals every day.

  • We provide expert guidance for all categories of clients and services we provide.
  • We understand that everyone's situation is unique, and have resources allocated for a more 1-on-1 approach if the situation calls for it.
  • We will stay up to date in the field of U.S. medical residency-prep, and continue to expand our client resources every day.
  • All of our employees work under one roof in our Irvine, California headquarters; no outsourcing.
Each one of our services and resources are tailored specifically towards individual residency applications and personal circumstances. No two solutions work the same for our Members, so we ensure to customize our approach to maximize chances, minimize lost time, and optimize results based on latest published residency-relevant research.
Our recommendations are not only evidence and research based, but they take shape as a result of having various levels of contributions towards the success of our 4,300 Alumni, who have reached their dreams of treating patients all across the world (over 20,000 patients/day, in fact). We don't move away from our expertise, and have remained focused on U.S. healthcare acculturation and medical residency-prep for pre-health students, healthcare students and graduates from across the globe since 1999.
By integrating our approach to residency preparation with state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies, we instantly update our Members with new data, findings and resources across our many online platforms. This has also helped significantly improve our customer service and Member relations as well over the years, consolidating support needed for our complex business under
We track our Member's number of residency and fellowship interviews and matches, jobs secured after graduating from residency across the United States and the globe. This level of real-time interaction with our Members enables us to analyze changing patterns and trends, and to recommend immediate strategic actions during the Match to our Members, before it's too late.
With thousands of members and positive Match outcomes, we lead the industry in our commitment to every aspect of the U.S. healthcare acculturation and medical residency-prep. It is not just clinical rotations or personal statements; we consider every possible factor and make them work in your favor.