Continuing from ‘Final Considerations before Certifying Your Rank Order List’, today we focus on why it is so important to confirm state licensing before you rank a program. Better to do some homework now than have a Match be rescinded later.

With such a big emphasis on the Rank Order List Certification deadline on February 26th, there is still a lot to be done. 

Here is a little homework for you! You now have your AMS Rank Order List at hand, with programs to rank nationwide. However, a key factor to note is whether or not your medical school’s clerkships and clinical rotations are in fact accepted by the specific state board. 


Medical school clinical clerkships may not always meet specific state requirements. Worst case scenario, you match into a residency program, and it is found out later that your clerkships were not accepted by the state, thus possibly leading to a need for additional clerkships and a repeat of residency.


A year’s hard work in application, interviews, and rank order down the drain. Avoid this scary incident. Check out some research we have already done for you in regards to residency prep clerkship policies:

You’ve worked many years to become a successful physician. We went over the worst case possible, and in terms of best case scenario is when you Match into a program, and the program catches the discrepancy and rescinds their offer. Saves you overall time you would have spent in residency that would have led to ultimately finding out you could not practice in the state.

Evidently, both scenarios are not ideal. Be diligent, do your homework, confirm that your medical school’s clerkships, or any externships you’ve completed are not in violation with any state regulations. We want to see you become a doctor.

I’ve done my AMS Rank Order List, I’ve marked my pros, cons, and I am cleared to practice in the state after residency, what now?

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Upon approval, certify your Rank Order List!

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