Welcome to nearly the end of the annual Main Match, celebrated by the submission of the extremely important Rank Order List (ROL). Towards the end of each February. This is called the Rank Order List Certification Deadline, which is February 26, 2020 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time if you’ve participated in the 2020 Main Match.

Final considerations prior to certifying your Rank Order List Certification are really a checklist of things to do, just to make sure you do not end up in a program or specialty that you will regret later (and regret can lead to poor performance, which can lead to problems during residency such as remediation, probation and in extreme cases, early dismissals from programs):

  1. You can keep modifying even after you certify, but there is a catch:Yes, your rank order list can be modified or re-ordered any number of times until 9:00 p.m. eastern time on the Rank Order List Certification Deadline, but no additions, deletions, or changes can be made to your rank order list after the deadline. If you change your certified ROL by adding, moving, or deleting a program, you must recertify it for it to be used in a Match. The R3® system does not save previous versions of your rank order list.
  2. Create a ROL worksheet, with the following columns: Break down location, residency program ranking, available slots, pros, cons, post-interview communication.
    1. Program Name
    2. Program URL
    3. Specialty
    4. State
    5. City
    6. Spanish speaking population (Low, Med, High)
    7. Program Type
    8. Post-Interview communication w/ program
    9. For the complete worksheet refer to “PLAN A: 2020 MATCH WEEK; B: UNFILLEDS; C: 2021 MATCH” webinar.
  3. Watch https://www.youtube.com/americlerkships, and see Dr. Mizani’s Sample Worksheet from the webinar “PLAN A: 2020 MATCH WEEK; B: UNFILLEDS; C: 2021 MATCH” for how to analyze your ROL worksheet.
  4. Ask for help from someone who understands how the Match algorithm works, and how to help you decipher the ROL worksheet once you’ve put it all together: AmeriClerkship Members go attend Office Hours w/ Dr. Mizani
  5. Watch out for generic post-interview communications from residency programs
    1. It is a lot to assess, what does post-interview communication mean? “We intend to rank you highly.” How can you discern if the contact is genuine? What if the program has called all of its interviewees, to let them know they are ranking them highly? (Unfortunately, this has happened in the past, per Dr. Mizani’s personal experience.)

With a rough draft of your AmeriClerkships ROL worksheet in hand, there is just 1 more step before we recommend certifying… Addressed in the next blog!

Do not sell yourself short, we are on your team. Utilize your membership benefits, attend office hours and take the initiative to prepare for SOAP as a backup plan. As the saying goes better to be over-prepared than under, so what do you think your next step is?

Next blog: “How does State Licensure affect your Rank Order List?”