Step 4: Notarize documents online

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The authenticity of the following documents must be confirmed by a court commissioned "notary public" personnel, in English. Seals/signatures from your medical school are not sufficient replacements for notary (except school sealed transcripts - read below). Electronically Notarize Documents Online: [...]

Step 3: Digitally acknowledge our ‘Commitment to Clarity’

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In order to ensure that you continue to have a pleasant experience with AmeriClerkships and our affiliated clinical sites, we've compiled this page to answer the most commonly-asked questions and addresses the dilemmas encountered most often by our past [...]

Step 1: Register for Orientations & Meet the Team

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Through these required live-online orientations, you will get to know your AmeriClerkships representatives using Google Meet. Click each toggle below that applies to you, and register for the soonest available date and time to meet (the sooner, the better): [...]

Step 2: Register for a Strategy Sessions & Meet Your Mentor

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A benefit of certain memberships, and requirement for FEC includes speaking privately with a personal and seasoned mentor to strategize, in anticipation of Matching into, reentering, or surviving US medical residency. Your mentor will discuss your personal circumstances, latest [...]

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