Credentialing for Live Online Clinical or Research Blocks

Below are the requirements for you to fulfill in order to begin your upcoming ‘Live Online’ Clinical Block(s) on-time.

Enrolled in ‘In-Person’ Clinical Block(s)? Click here to see a list of requirements.


Your Resume; this will also serve as your AmeriClerkships Application.

  1. Click here to understand the type of photo required by AmeriClerkships for your ID badge, OR
  2. Click here for affordable passport photos online with instant digital download.


The authenticity of the following documents must be confirmed by a court commissioned “notary public” personnel, in English. Seals/signatures from your medical school are not sufficient replacements for notary (except school sealed transcripts – read below).

Electronically notarize these documents online at must request for the digitally notarized documents to be sent directly from documents@acmedical.orgPLEASE NOTE: Electronically notarized documents sent by any sender other than will be rejected.

Please note the following:

  • We will accept an official school sealed transcript (original, not a copy) that is mailed directly from your medical school to AmeriClerkships, in lieu of a notarized copy of your transcript; school seal is not considered a replacement for notary in any other circumstance.
  • The cost of Notarycam is comparable to (if not cheaper than) the cost of in-person notary public. In-person notary can be as much as $10 to $30 per document.

Medical Students & Graduates (select any 1 of 3):

1. ECFMG Certificate, OR

2. Medical diploma from an IMED recognized school (and its official, notarized English translation, if the original is not in English), OR

3. Medical school transcript from an IMED recognized school (and its official, notarized English translation, if the original is not in English)

Pre-Med Students (select any 1 of 2):

1. Any undergraduate (or higher) degree from a college/university accredited by the US Department of EducationOR

2. Transcript from a college/university accredited by the US Department of Education indicating that you have successfully completed >100 units of didactic in preparation for an undergraduate (or higher) degree.

Select any 1 of 7; must not be expired, or expire during scheduled clinicals:

  1. U.S. or Canadian naturalization certificate with picture, OR
  2. U.S. or Canadian Passport picture and information page, OR
  3. U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card; front and back), OR
  4. Non-U.S. Passport picture and information page from one of 36 Visa Waiver Program participating countries (max 12 week clinical enrollment per U.S. entry), OR
  5. U.S. Employment Authorization Card with picture, OR
  6. U.S. or Canadian government issued identification and birth certificate, OR
  7. Non-U.S. Passport, PLUS
    1. U.S. visa that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals, OR
    2. Expired F-1 visa with an I-20 extension that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals, OR
    3. Expired U.S. visa with Form I-94 or I-94A that is valid for the entire duration of clinicals.


Online orientations are an excellent and cost effective way for you to get to know and interact with AmeriClerkships staff, and get personal attention to your particular scenario. Please note:

  • A working computer microphone or phone audio is required for both orientations. Please ensure your microphone is working with the ‘Test Connection’ functionality contained in your webinar confirmation email. However be prepared to “dial-in” to Google Meet, in case your internet connection is not strong enough to provide you audio access to the webinar. The dial-in instructions will be included in your registration confirmation email.
  • Webinars are hosted on the Google Meet software platforms. Click here to familiarize yourself with Google Meet now, and contact at least 30 minutes prior to your session with any technical concerns. Technical issues are NOT acceptable grounds for missing a webinar, or lack of participation.
  • While in session, you may need to reload your Google Meet URL (exit and come back in) if host is unable to hear you, but you are able to hear others.
  • Attendance and active participation are required for you to become credentialed and Fully Enrolled Certified (FEC), if you see any of the following orientations appear in your Document Upload Portal
  • Members who fail to attend a required webinar on time for any reason can make up the webinar at the next available date for no additional charge. However, if there no available orientation dates before a member’s crossing of the US border or PGSI start date, members must pay a $150 fee to set up a private orientation with Dr. Mizani to fulfill their enrollment requirements.
  • Hopital Orientations may be offered only once a month, so please ask in advance, and plan accordingly so to not affect the estimated Start Date of your Clinical Blocks.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re signed up for your orientation! Please register here.

  1. Watch a brief HIPAA video tutorial on MedScape (Free account is required)
  2. Click here to take a short quiz now
  3. Passing >= 80%
  4. Password provided in email “Subject: FEC Instructions & Required Documents

Attendance and active participation in orientations or classes required by hospitals or other non-AmeriClerkships institutions for processing may be required.

If required, your AmeriClerkships Credentialing Specialist will provide you details on how to fulfill this requirement. Please note that hospitals and other non-AmeriClerkships institutions are not as lenient as AmeriClerkships, so missing an orientation or class may result in delays, change of Clinical Feature, inability to enter the hospital or clinic, or loss of your entire Clinical Block.

Registration instructions will vary for all institutions, and will be shared with when we are made aware.