1 & 7 Day Expedited Document Preparation Add-on Service

The 4.8/5-star rated review, revision and editing services offered by AmeriClerkships’ Career Development Department are a work of art, and can take up to 30 days (and sometimes longer, depending on the document) to complete. But what if you can’t wait that long?

“Unbelievably fast, and the quality of your editing service makes everyone else’s look like amateurs!

1 Day Expedited Service Add-on to Personal Statement Review & Revision – Mishelle V.

Our team of seasoned Healthcare Writers & Editors, directly supervised by Dr. Mizani, are ready to put in the overtime which may be needed to prepare your documents, in as little as 24 hours! Its true; introducing the “1 & 7 Day Expedited Document Preparation Service”, currently available as an add-on purchase to the following types of AmeriClerkships documents:

  • Personal Statement Review & Revision (PSRR)
  • Residency Application Review & Revision (RARR)
  • Curriculum Vitae Review and Revision (CVRR)
  • Letter of Recommendation Analysis (LORA)
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation + Transcript Analysis (as a LORA)
  • Clinical Experience Assessment Draft (CEAD) LOR Drafting Service
  • Medical School Performance Summary Draft (MSPSD) MSPE Drafting Service
  • Letter of Enrollment (LOE) for Clinicals
  • Letter of Completion (LOC) of Clinicals

Expedited service means that you will receive the first draft revision of any single document (above), within 1 or 7 business days (14 for MSPSD/MSPE drafting service) of completing your submission of all required documents (such as uploading your transcript, or submitting questionnaires, or selecting your questions for Mock Match Interviews, etc.).

“The MSPE my school creates is very very weak, especially when it comes to the clerkships; yours is so well done and so strong! Thank you so much for sharing this with me, and for bearing my school’s last minute changes.

7 Day Expedited Service Add-on to Personal Statement Review & Revision – Michelle S.

“DO NOT TRUST ANY OTHER COMPANY, OR PRETEND EDITING SERVICE with your letter of recommendations!!! Dr. Mizani’s team is a God-sent!”

LOR Drafting Service – Farzad A.

Make your selection below, and we’ll pull in the resources needed to meet your timeline:

We will be notified of your payment, and will reach out to you to confirm your selection prior to starting work.

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