Credentialing for Live Online Clinical Blocks2021-03-19T00:48:45-07:00

Credentialing for Live Online Clinical Blocks

Step 1: Register for Orientations & Meet the Team2021-03-19T00:25:30-07:00

Through these required live-online orientations, you will get to know your AmeriClerkships representatives using Google Meet. Click each toggle below that applies to you, and register for the soonest available date and time to meet (the sooner, the better):

We’re so glad you’ve joined ACMedical! In this orientation, we will discuss every step to you becoming Fully Enrolled & Credentialed (FEC) and ensure all of your questions are answered:

  1. Click here to register for Credentialing & Membership Orientation
  2. During this Orientation, meet both your Credentialing Specialist (Carlos Martinez; assisting you with timely internal and external credentialing for your upcoming clinical blocks) and Career Development Coordinator (Cody Phan; helping you navigate your path in a career in healthcare, explaining your membership benefits, and editing your key documents)

Excellent; glad you’re taking advantage of our portfolio of ‘Postgraduate Subinternship’ (PGSI) clinical offerings, designed to have you network and rotate with resident selection committee members and other decision-makers:

  1. Click here to register for an upcoming Postgraduate Subinternship Orientation. You will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Mizani, ask questions about your video you are about to watch (#2 below) pertaining to your upcoming PGSI, and gain key insights to successfully navigate your way within U.S. Graduate Medical Education, among active U.S. medical residency faculty, residents, and even program directors.
  2. Once registered for above orientation, you will receive an email with a private link to a 37 minute welcome-recording presented to you by Dr. Mizani on Youtube.  Jot down any questions which this recoding does not answer, then attend the mandatory “Orientation: Postgraduate Subinternship” to complete this PGSI orientation requirement.

Attendance and active participation in this specialty webinar is required ONLY for any AmeriClerkships Member who is enrolled in Postgraduate Subinternships (PGSI) clinical block(s).

Attendance and active participation in orientations or classes required by hospitals or other non-ACMedical institutions for processing may be required.

If required, your ACMedical Credentialing Specialist will provide you details on how to fulfill this requirement. Please note that hospitals and other non-ACMedical institutions are not as lenient as ACMedical, so missing an orientation or class may result in delays, change of Clinical Feature, inability to enter the hospital or clinic, or loss of your entire Clinical Block.

Registration instructions will vary for all institutions, and will be shared with when we are made aware.

Please note:

  • We use Google Meet software platforms for all online meetings and webinars. Click here to familiarize yourself with Google Meet now, and contact at least 30 minutes prior to your session with any technical concerns. Technical issues are NOT acceptable grounds for missing a webinar, or lack of participation.
  • A working computer microphone or phone audio is required for both orientations. Please ensure your microphone is working with the ‘Test Connection’ functionality contained in your webinar confirmation email. However be prepared to “dial-in” to Google Meet, in case your internet connection is not strong enough to provide you audio access to the webinar. The dial-in instructions will be included in your registration confirmation email.
  • While in session, you may need to reload your Google Meet URL (exit and come back in) if the host is unable to hear you, even if you are able to hear others.
  • Members who do not attend a required orientation on time for any reason can make up the webinar at the next available date at no additional charge. However, if there are no available orientation dates before a member’s FEC by date (check your inbox for email subject “FEC Instructions & Required Documents”) after you’ve already changed a previously scheduled orientation, you may be required to pay a $150 fee to set up a private orientation with Dr. Mizani to fulfill their enrollment requirements.
  • Hospital Orientations may be offered only once a month, so please ask in advance, and plan accordingly so as to not affect your estimated Clinical Block Start Date.
Step 2: Register for a Strategy Sessions & Meet Your Mentor2022-02-09T14:17:16-07:00

A benefit of certain memberships, and requirement for FEC includes speaking privately with a personal and seasoned mentor to strategize, in anticipation of Matching into, reentering, or surviving US medical residency. Your mentor will discuss your personal circumstances, latest evidence-based support for the advices provided, ways to optimize your clinical rotations, how to secure letters of recommendation, best ways to utilize your membership benefits, and much more. Please correspond the below links to your Membership type, and register for your session(s):

While these memberships do not include a private strategy session, you can register and attend 2 (two) free online office hours with a faculty physician, such as Dr. Mizani

  • 1 Free Access Pass to Weekly Online Office Hours: A 30-minute semi-private online Q&A session hosted by an ACMedical Mentor, limited to ACMedical Members only. Click here to register.
  • 1 Free Access Pass to Weekly Document Analysis: A semi-private Document Analysis Session where Letters of Recommendation, Medical Student Performance Evaluations, Personal Statement & ERAS Application uploaded by ACMedical Members are dissected, analyzed and rated so you know if that document should be used in the upcoming Match, edited or shelved! Click here to register.

Please utilize your unlimited Office Hours to schedule for Career Development, Document Analysis, or Office Hours with Faculty Physician:

These membership provides a 45-minute semi-private strategy session with your Residency Mentor, with previous resident selection committee experience (e.g. Dr. Mizani):

  1. Residency Strategy Session: Click here to register

Registration is required for FEC, but you may attend after FEC.

This 45 Minute SOAP Strategy session is your opportunity to discuss your background and strategize a plan to maximize your chances of being interviewed by an unfilled program during Match Week’s Supplemental Offer & Acceptance Program (SOAP), with an ACMedical designated Resident Selection Committee Member (RSCM). You may also learn from up to 2 other Members also applying to SOAP, therefore this session is semi-private.

  1. SOAP Residency Strategy Session: Click here to register

Registration is required for FEC (attendance can take place after FEC).

In this session, your private residency mentor will help you and up to 2 other Resident Mentor Members recognize looming troubles before things get out of hand. You will also learn how to identify and get along with resident-bullies, and how to avoid getting on the resident-in-trouble radar. Goal is to help minimize residency stressors, learn how to get along with everyone, and complete your PGY without interruptions, remediations, residency repeat or being forced to take a leave of absence:

  1. Resident Mentor Strategy: Click here to register.

Registration for only the first session is required for FEC (attendance can take place after FEC).

This session is designed for current U.S. medical residents who have been asked to speak with the Program Director for any type of wrongdoing, or been warned of, or placed on remediation or probation. In this meeting, your seasoned mentor will examine all the facts that led up to your current situation, including your residency evaluations and any other relevant documents to ensure that weaknesses are identified and addressed. Our goal is to help you avoid a forced-leave or dismissal from residency:

  1. Resident In-Trouble Strategy: Click here to register.

Registration for only the first session is required for FEC (attendance can take place after FEC).

What led to you resigning or being terminated from a U.S. medical residency program is a traumatic experience, yet every aspect of this dismissal must be analyzed. In this 60-minute private online meeting, your seasoned mentor will review all pertinent documents, and devise a residency re-entry strategy for you:

  1. Reentry Strategy Part 1: Click here to register for the first session

Registration for only the first session is required for FEC (attendance can take place after FEC). Registration link for part 2 will be provided to you at a later time.

Step 3: Digitally acknowledge our ‘Commitment to Clarity’2021-03-19T00:46:30-07:00

In order to ensure that you continue to have a pleasant experience with AmeriClerkships and our affiliated clinical sites, we’ve compiled this page to answer the most commonly-asked questions and addresses the dilemmas encountered most often by our past members. You will find much of this page’s content in the AmeriClerkships Enrollment Agreement that you will be asked to sign when you decide to enroll, therefore we encourage you to please set aside ~8 minutes to familiarize yourself with how AmeriClerkships operates. If you have any questions before completing the signature form at the bottom of this page, please email us directly at Please note that this is a required enrollment document, and must be completed before starting any clinical experience with AmeriClerkships.

Full Enrollment Certification status requires that all documents (both internal and external credentialing documents) necessary for you to begin your rotation are submitted and approved in advance of your FEC deadline (see below). This also includes attendance to any required orientations run by AmeriClerkships or an affiliated clinical site. Please note that all U.S. healthcare facilities (i.e. hospitals, emergency rooms, surgical centers, clinics, etc.) are regulated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, hence unauthorized entry into such facilities may be deemed as a violation of HIPAA, carry civil penalties, be prosecutable as trespassing by such facilities, and a violation of the AmeriClerkships “ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY” (explained in your Enrollment Agreement).  AmeriClerkships members may only enter healthcare facilities that they have been expressly authorized to enter after becoming Full Enrollment Certified (documented in the FINAL CONFIRMATION email which is sent to members prior to the start of each clinical block).

FEC deadlines are based on your clinical rotation start date. To ensure your clinical rotation will start as scheduled, all documents must be submitted and approved no later than 14 days before your scheduled start date. If there are external credentialing documents required by the hospital, then your FEC deadline will be adjusted to allow time for hospital processing as soon as the hospital processing requirements are confirmed by our credentialing team. Late document submission will incur additional fees, including a $199 FASTart1 expedited processing fee.

We offer both inpatient & outpatient clinical opportunities, as well as Live Online Clinical Experiences, to 3 categories of members: 1) Not-for-credit clinical experiences to pre-meds, medical students and graduates, including Postgraduate Subinternships for medical graduates, 2) For-credit clinical clerkships/electives to medical students and residents, and 3) For-credit clinical externships to vocational healthcare students (i.e. medical assistants & nurses).

Yes, and possible legal limitations. For example, medical student clerkships are educational and needed to graduate (for-credit), therefore require more involvement in patient care (i.e. phlebotomy, initiating exams & 1st assisting in surgeries). In contrast, medical graduate clinical experiences are, by law, recreational activities that are voluntary in nature (not-for-credit) and used to build a residency applicant’s CV by exposing them to how medicine is practiced in the US through assisting with histories, exams, procedures & patient rounds, with possible performance-based letters of recommendations at the end (details: Live Online Clinical Experiences are also different in that interactions and recommendations are limited to what is offered via video conferencing or phone access by the attending physician.

Clinical Features outline opportunities for inpatient exposure, varying types of hospitals, attending status, and verification.

  • ‘Community Healthcare Experience’ (CHE): mainly outpatient, with inpatient unlikely
  • ‘Hospital Guarantee’ (HG): opportunity to visit a hospital < 50% of your time at that clinical site
  • ‘Teaching Hospital Guarantee’ (THG): opportunity to visit an ACGME or AOA-recognized hospital < 50% of your time at that clinical site
  • ‘Inpatient’ (IP): opportunity to visit an HG or THG  > 50% of your time at that clinical site
  • ‘Hospitalist’ (HOSP): ~100% of your time at that clinical site will be spent in an HG or THG
  • Verified’ (V): an HG or THG sanctioned by a hospital, or healthcare system
  • ‘Postgraduate Subinternship’ (PGSI): placed with residency faculty, or program director directly through a Graduate Medical Education department
  • ‘Program Director’ (PD): supervised by a program director as primary attending physician

In response to COVID-19, AmeriClerkships has begun rolling out Live Online Clinical Experiences at select clinical sites, allowing for remote shadowing and research opportunities while the pandemic is ongoing. These learning opportunities can be as rigorous and demanding as normal in-person rotations while providing safety and comfort for our members and affiliated physicians by mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19. Live Online Clinical Experiences do not require the same documents (such as immunizations) as other in-person experiences due to the lack of physical contact, but still require notarized documents and orientations to be uploaded and completed before beginning the experience. Contact with any questions.

  • Your clinical experience is determined by 6 factors: 1) Your level of medical education, 2) The ‘Clinical Feature’ of the clinical site you enroll in, 3) Your availability (ability to meet your supervisor regardless of the time or day of week), 4) Your access to reliable transportation (car, Uber, Lyft is highly recommended), for in-person rotations 5) Your willingness to travel to different cities for in-person rotations, 6) Your professionalism (always look interested in this specialty, volunteer to do case presentations and be respectful)
  • Your career development experience & Match outcome is determined by 11 factors: 1) Having the time (6-18 months) & ability (both a realistic budget & determination) to follow through with our personalized recommendations, 2) USMLE performances, 3) Commitment to 1 specialty & familiarity with US healthcare culture through 4 to 5 months of residency relevant US clinical experiences, 4) Strength and ACGME focus of your 4 to 5 ‘unwaived’ US letters of recommendation, 5) Your English proficiency, as well as interview & interpersonal skills, 6) Community & volunteer work with specialty-specific non-profits, 7) Your AmeriClerkships Membership level, 8) Having all of the above carefully represented and consistently documented in a high-quality residency application + its supporting documents (including personal statements), aka ‘your medical brand’, 9) Budget to apply to 200+ programs/relevant specialty on time (9/15), 10) Attending, acing & ranking all interviews, and 11) Some luck!

Unfortunately yes, there is a small chance. Despite our extensive pre-approval & confirmation process, your designated Attending Physician may become unavailable due to unannounced travels, double-booking through local schools, or unforeseen emergencies. Not to worry; we typically have back up clinical sites with the same or better ‘Clinical Features’ on reserve within 50 miles of your original clinical site’s zip code. If we do need to upgrade your clinical site to a more expensive one (within 50 miles of your original site), to preserve your start date, then we will do so at no cost to you.

No. Supervising attending physicians utilized by AmeriClerkships are independent contractors, who by law are not bound by fixed schedules, rules or locations. AmeriClerkships utilizes its years of experience in communicating with each physician and/or clinical site administrator(s) to help minimize unexpected changes, but that may not always be possible.

You can, but at that point, AmeriClerkships will have fulfilled its obligations to provide you with clinical experience, and therefore completed the service we were contracted to provide.

Not often; most backup clinical sites are within the same city limits, approximately 20 miles from one another. However, by enrolling with AmeriClerkships, you agree to travel up to 50 miles from your originally scheduled clinical site (again unlikely, but possible) to gain your clinical experience.

Public transportation is time-consuming, unsafe or unavailable 24 hours/day, and not accessible to city suburbs. Your supervising physician may round at multiple hospitals, take night calls, or visit hospitals located near city limits, and they will not want to inconvenience you if they believe you are unable to make it on time due to transportation issues. Note that asking the physician or their staff for a ride is both unprofessional and filled with potential risks and liabilities.

AmeriClerkships requires that all members attending in-person rotations prove residence within the state of their future clinical site at least 14 days prior to attending and again 4 days prior, along with acknowledgment that you are asymptomatic for COVID-19. An email will be sent to you directly asking you these questions closer to your start date. This is to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19, and applies any time COVID-19 containment is recommended by the state or federal health agencies. This requirement may be dropped when the pandemic subsides; check here for updates and additional details.

No! The nature of the experiences don’t require traveling, so if transportation is a large barrier to your ability to complete the rotation, ask our team about potentially switching to a Live Online Clinical Experience.

We completely understand, which is why we have created a very informative page just for you called “5 Types of U.S. Clinical Clerkships for Non-U.S. Medical Students”. Please click here to visit it.

Once you complete your enrollment, you will receive an email with the subject “Copy of Your Signed AmeriClerkships Enrollment Agreement” in your inbox. Also, please click here to visit our Terms & Conditions page online.

Click here to review what is included in your type of membership.

Please contact your Residency Consultant to see if you qualify.

Inpatient exposure is determined by the ‘Clinical Feature’ of your clinical site, and your ability to get to the hospital(s). If your supervising attending conducts 4-6 AM patient rounds, or he calls you for a delivery or ER admission at 2 AM, and you’re unable to get to the hospital, because of over-reliance on public transportation, then you are forfeiting your inpatient exposure opportunity. For Live Online Clinical Experiences, your availability still applies, but because of COVID-19 outbreaks, your attending physician’s normal inpatient availability may change or reduced as a result.

Yes, but only in ‘PGSI’ (Postgraduate Subinternship) designated clinical sites (details:

Please click here to visit the AMS Resources page; the password will be shared with you once you become a member of AmeriClerkships.

Please visit On this page, you will also be able to access all of our webinars and/or meetings that come with your membership such as Career Development Office Hours, Dr. Mizani’s Document Analysis and General Questions Office Hours, as well as any upcoming scheduled webinars.

  1. Prior to Enrollment: please contact your Residency Consultant directly!
  2. Immediately after your enrollment: you will be given your own login access to your “MyClinicals” page, where the contact information for additional AmeriClerkships personnel and their particular role in your enrollment are mentioned.

Members are responsible for ALL costs associated with securing and submitting ALL of the above required documents. All documents are required for Full Enrollment Certification (FEC) and must be submitted and approved no later than 14 days before your scheduled start date. Late document submission will incur additional fees, including a $199 FASTart1 expedited processing fee. Your supervising attending physician may have you accompany him/her to healthcare facilities that AmeriClerkships is unaware of. Please note that all U.S. healthcare facilities (i.e. hospitals, emergency rooms, surgical centers, clinics, etc.) are regulated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, hence unauthorized entry into such facilities may be deemed as a violation of HIPAA, carry civil penalties, be prosecutable as trespassing by such facilities, and a violation of the AmeriClerkships “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” (explained in your Enrollment Agreement). Therefore for everyone’s protection (including yours), AmeriClerkships members may only enter healthcare facilities that they have been expressly authorized to enter (documented in the FINAL CONFIRMATION email which is sent to members prior to the start of each clinical block). Approval by AmeriClerkships does not guarantee clearance by the U.S. Border Control or any other U.S. government agency.

Almost done! Fill out the form below to complete this requirement!

  • Thank you for reading our Commitment to Clarity. Please fill out the fields below to complete this requirement for your enrollment.
  • I have read, understood, and acknowledged the above FAQ as a part of my enrollment process at AmeriClerkships Medical Society.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Step 4: Notarize documents online2021-06-30T14:20:31-07:00

The authenticity of the following documents must be confirmed by a court commissioned “notary public” personnel, in English. Seals/signatures from your medical school are not sufficient replacements for notary (except school sealed transcripts – read below).

Electronically Notarize Documents Online: Electronically notarized documents sent by any sender other than the following 2 entities may be rejected:

  1. BEST OPTION: Please visit ACMedical’s official notary document upload and scheduling portal at OnlineNotary; once uploaded, a Notary Public will typically meet you the same day online, if not within minutes of your document upload. Once notarized, ACMedical Credentialing Specialists will be immediately notified by OnlineNotary.
  2. Backup Option: In case OnlineNotary is backed up or unavailable, please visit ACMedical’s official notary portal at NotaryCam. You must the schedule to meet a Notary Publics in a few days from when you upload your document, which can jeopardize a soon to come Clinical Block start date.  You must also request for the digitally notarized documents to be sent directly from NotaryCam to If you can not find an appointment to meet a Notary Public at NotaryCam within 1-2 days, please email, and we will attempt to find you an earlier appointment. However, we recommend that you use OnlineNotary to avoid this issue all together.

Please note the following:

  • We will accept an official school sealed transcript (original, not a copy) that is mailed directly from your medical school to AmeriClerkships, in lieu of a notarized copy of your transcript; school seal is not considered a replacement for notary in any other circumstance.
  • The cost of OnlineNotary and Notarycam are comparable to (if not cheaper than) the cost of in-person notary public. In-person notary can be as much as $10 to $30 per document.

Medical Students & Graduates (select any 1 of 3):

1. ECFMG Certificate, OR

2. Medical diploma from an IMED recognized school (and its official, notarized English translation, if the original is not in English), OR

3. Medical school transcript from an IMED recognized school (and its official, notarized English translation, if the original is not in English)

Pre-Med Students (select any 1 of 2):

1. Any undergraduate (or higher) degree from a college/university accredited by the US Department of EducationOR

2. Transcript from a college/university accredited by the US Department of Education indicating that you have successfully completed >100 units of didactic in preparation for an undergraduate (or higher) degree.

Select any 1 of 7; must not be expired, and not expire during scheduled clinicals. All documents must be in English:

  1. Naturalization certificate with picture (any country), OR
  2. Passport picture and information page (any country), OR
  3. U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card; front and back), OR
  4. U.S. Employment Authorization Card with picture, OR
  5. Government issued identification and birth certificate (any country).
Step 5: Digitally upload documents2021-03-19T00:46:19-07:00

In order to protect your security and properly process your required documents in the order in which they were received, please do not email them as attachments. Please upload your documents online using your personal ACMedical Document Upload Portal (DUP; URL to DUP will be provided in an email “Subject: FEC Instructions & Required Documents” immediately following your Membership with ACMedical).

The items below must be scanned and uploaded using your DUP:

Your Resume; this will also serve as your AmeriClerkships Application.

  1. Click here to understand the type of photo required by AmeriClerkships for your ID badge, OR
  2. Click here for affordable passport photos online with instant digital download.

Download the Clinical Authorization Letter (Medical Students, Externs, and Residents doing clinicals for credit, or requiring a Clinical Evaluation at the end to show proof to their school that such clinicals were completed), whether ‘In-Person’ or ‘Live Online’ method of participation, then scan and send back.

Step 6: Complete 2 online quizzes2021-11-17T17:23:08-07:00

There are two required quizzes prior to FEC, for ‘In-Person’ Clinical Blocks. Click each toggle below, and follow the instructions:

  1. Click here for studyguide and to take a short quiz now
  2. Password provided in email “Subject: FEC Instructions & Required Documents
  3. Passing >= 80% (notified by email post-quiz)
  1. Watch a brief HIPAA video tutorial on MedScape (Free account is required)
  2. Click here to read the pre-quiz material, then take the short quiz
  3. Password provided in email “Subject: FEC Instructions & Required Documents
  4. Passing >= 80% (notified by email post-quiz)
Step 7: Possible additional requirements2021-03-19T00:46:14-07:00

Although highly unlikely, certain Clinical Sites may require additional steps to process your Live Online approval, some of which may take up to 2 weeks to fulfill (i.e. international background checks, online meeting with the ). Your timely cooperation in fulfilling any additional requirements is not only appreciated but also required prior to any established deadlines. Any delays may cause a delay in your start date, and in extreme cases, possible loss of opportunity to remotely experience that particular healthcare facility.

Step 8: Get $100 Credit on File for becoming FEC in 7 days2021-03-19T00:46:44-07:00

Don’t waste any time becoming FEC: complete the 4 phases below within 7 days of your initial payment for memberships and clinicals, and we will issue you a $100 AmeriClerkships credit which can be applied to your balance due, or most AmeriClerkships products & services (see your Enrollment Agreement for details).

Did you become FEC in 7? Click here to start a support case, and select “My $100 credit for becoming FEC in 7 days” under ‘This case is about’.

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