What are Credentials

Credentials are documented evidence of identity, education, training, experience, negative background, immunity to communicable diseases, orientations, passing tests or quizzes, lab titers, health checks, or other qualifications.

Internal & External Credentialing

ACMedical Members are responsible for both Internal Credentialing (for ACMedical) and any External Credentialing (for various healthcare facilities who may permit you to enter their premises). There may be additional fees associated with certain External Credentialing requirements, which can vary from person to person, and you agree to be responsible for. Any delays on your become Fully Enrolled & Credentialed (FEC) may jeopardize the start of your scheduled clinicals, including possibility of cancellation without any recourse if ACMedical is unable to meet specific deadlines due to any delays.

To Become Fully Enrolled & Credentialed (FEC)

Becoming FEC with ACMedical means you have completed our process of obtaining and verifying the above documents, and qualified to participate in clinical activities at any ACMedical healthcare organization which you have enrolled in – as a healthcare student or graduate – prior to your FEC by Date.

Select Your Method of Participation to See Its Credentialing Requirements

ACMedical Offers 2 Methods of Participation: In-Person and Live Online, each with its own unique set of credentialing requirements. Select your method of participation below in an upcoming Clinical Block to see your credentialing requirements:

For In-Person Clinical Blocks
For Live Online Clinical Blocks