From the Office of Dr. Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA
President & Chief Clinical Officer |
Former Chief Medical Resident | Morehouse School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency

PPE Breaking News: 12,000 N95 & KN95/FFP2 face masks were delivered to AmeriClerkships for our Members to use during their upcoming US clinical rotations, and for donations to our affiliated healthcare facilities in need. Read more.

AmeriClerkships employees have been disaster prepping since 2007. We are now teleworking and providing the same level of service as we did pre-COVID-19.

Since its first day of business, AmeriClerkships has been investing heavily, both financially and intellectually, in its digital infrastructure. AmeriClerkships software developers, engineers and architects have been working tirelessly over the past 13 years identifying thousands of business scenarios, many of which are critical and prone to human error, and can be safely managed in secure clouds through real time rules and workflows. To that end, we have been managing our prospective and active members, affiliated clinical sites and physicians, internal and external credentialing, record keeping, document upload, as well as managing every stage of our 40,000 clinical blocks completed by AmeriClerkships Members to date, in Salesforce, Google and other redundant clouds.

This, and our access to well-trained and absolutely committed family of employees, physicians and industry specific subject matter experts, are just some of the reasons why we are able to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, by allowing them to work remotely from home during COVID-19 global pandemic, without any anticipated business disruptions. Effective March 17, 2020, AmeriClerkships Medical Society is implementing voluntary, but strongly encouraged, temporary telecommuting arrangements for employees whose job duties are conducive to working from home but who do not regularly telecommute. However, there are some positions at AmeriClerkships Medical Society that require the employee to be physically present in the workplace on certain days and for certain purposes. These employees are defined as essential personnel. Essential personnel are expected to report to work as scheduled above, unless otherwise notified. Regular leave policies and procedures should be followed for employees who are unable to report to work.

These arrangements are expected to be short term, and AmeriClerkships Medical Society will continue to monitor guidance from health officials and the need for remote work arrangements. Employees should not assume any specified period of time for telework, and AmeriClerkships Medical Society may require employees to return to regular, in-office work at any time.

Please read our full Telework Policy.

Should the current health crisis warrant, AmeriClerkships Medical Society may require all employees, with the exception of essential personnel, to work from home. Employees should be proactive with department managers in preparing for these circumstances to ensure employees have the resources necessary to work remotely.

During this time, we will work diligently to provide the communities we serve the same quality and level of service you were  used to experiencing when working with AmeriClerkships during pre-COVID-19 times. However if we do fall short:

  1. We apologize, and certainly appreciate your understanding of such inconsistencies, and
  2. Please inform our CEO, Dr. Pedram Mizani by filing a case here.