A Great Relationship Begins with Clarity and Setting Proper Expectations.

Please read this document carefully, and let us know how we may make your membership experience a more pleasant one. This statement of clarity is not meant to explain all the mutual commitments made by AmeriClerkships Medical Society and its members, and it does not replace or in any way alter the membership agreement signed by each member. Please click here for other terms and conditions.

  1. Objective of AmeriClerkships Medical Society (“AMS”): AMS is a membership-based organization that provides its members with health career development services to assist with refining and achieving their career objectives. AMS provides clinical learning experiences meant to improve knowledge and patient communication skills in real clinical sites. The goal of AMS is to empower each of its members to move confidently from highly-protected academic environments to the real world of U.S. medical residencies.
  2. Nature of Clinical Experiences: click here to learn about what do expect before, during and after your clinical block(s) with AmeriClerkships.
  3. Possible Change of Clinical Site & Locations: although every effort will be made to avoid changes, medicine’s urgent nature does at times require that we replace an unavailable supervising attending physician. We promise that if a change is required, that we will always notify you in advance, that its clinical features will be preserved (or upgraded free of charge), and the replacement Clinical Site will be within 50 miles of your originally approved Clinical Site.
  4. Transportation & Housing: physicians often visit multiple hospitals and clinics, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Therefore we strongly discourage your usage of public transportation. Also, we recommend that you book nightly hotels until you are certain of your schedule, and all locations visited with your supervisor during each clinical block. Do not enter into any long term leases otherwise.
  5. Academic Credit: AMS is not a teaching entity and does not offer credit. Unless a member is a student and his/her sponsor institution agrees to offer credit for clinicals (as evidenced by a Clinical Authorization Letter (CAL) completed and signed by the sponsoring institution), all clinicals are not-for-credit as AMS is not a party to the grant of academic credit, and any such grant is subject to the rules of the credit granting institution, in addition to all agreed AMS conditions.
  6. Definitions: AMS abides by the AMA Glossary of Program Information, the ACGME Glossary of Terms, as well as the following internal terms:
    1. Attending Physician (AP): a U.S. licensed physician who serves as a mentor, supervisor, and teacher.
    2. Teaching Hospital: a hospital listed in ACGMEAMA’s FREIDA (requires free AMA account), American Osteopathic Association, or one that serves as a clinical clerkship site for U.S. medical schools.
    3. Clinical Site (CS): an affiliated setting, supervised by an AP and designated by a number.
    4. Clinical Block (CB): a collection of clinical weeks/hours that a member enrolls in at a particular CS
    5. Core Specialties: Family, Internal, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery, Psychiatry and Pediatrics.
    6. Premium Specialties: Any non-Core specialty
    7. Physician Status: an AP’s current position and possible influence within the medical education community.
    8. Clinical Feature: amount and type of hospital exposure (fees will vary; inpatient experience will be verified with each AP, if necessary):
      1. Program Director (PD): Clinical Sites that are supervised by residency PD’s, enabling Members to solicit for letters of recommendation from those PDs;
      2. Verified (V): An added layer of protection and processing, whereby Members will be processed at an AMS affiliated hospital or medical center, in addition to the physician they are assigned to;
      3. Teaching Hospital Guarantee (THG): opportunity for partial (<50%) teaching hospital exposure;
      4. Hospital Guarantee (HG): opportunity for partial (<50%) community hospital exposure;
      5. Inpatient (IP): opportunity for majority (>50%) HG or THG exposure;
      6. Hospitalist (HOSP): opportunity for primarily (~100%) HG or THG exposure;
      7. Community Healthcare Experience (CHE): primarily (~100%) outpatient exposure; inpatient unlikely.
      8. Postgraduate Subinternships (PGSI): Clinicals sanctioned by a Graduate Medical Education department, with AMS PGSI Members being able to become a part of existing medical residency teams, enabling them to attend residency didactics/conferences, to solicit for LORs on teaching hospital letterheads, and to be considered for a residency interview at that PGSI host institution.
  7. That they have read and understood the AMS policies (especially its cancellation policy) located here; as such they understand and agree that membership, non-clinical services (i.e., document revision, mock interviews, etc.) and clinicals are non-refundable, and that only minor changes may be accommodated to any Approved Clinical Block(s) (such as changes made to start/end dates, location and possibly specialty where available; fees may apply). Being a “no-show” at a scheduled clinical site without making formal and written arrangements with AmeriClerkships will not entitle you to rescheduling or any refunds.  Any clinical feature disputes (amount of inpatient exposure) will be thoroughly investigated by contacting the attending physician and the clinical site, recategorized and repriced as needed.
    1. To never engage in the crime of “practice of medicine without a license,” or any activity that could be construed as such. The term “hands-on” refers to situations where a patient and supervising physician allow an AMS member to communicate with that patient without giving their opinions or interpreting any of the data with anyone but the supervising physician (i.e. learning how to greet the patients, learning how to elicit chief complaints and applicable histories), or coming in contact with that patient without being responsible for physical exams, triages or determining diagnosis or devising treatment plans (i.e. taking vital signs, listening to or percussing body parts, when available), but never engaging in any activity that may tend to leave the patient with the impression that the AMS member is a “doctor” or “physician” by means of: introducing or referring to themselves as one; wearing a long lab coat; interpreting any data to the patient; diagnosing any patients; writing in patient or medical records; accepting any sort of gift or money from anyone during their AMS membership, or any other activity that could be construed as acting as a doctor, or could create the impression that the member is licensed to practice medicine;
    2. To always be supervised (within the reach of voice) by the attending physician that AMS has formally assigned and certified that member to, and to never overstay his/her CB or misrepresent that he/she is covered by AMS professional medical liability insurance policy for CBs that are not directly authorized and certified by AMS;
    3. To abide by the AMS “Zero Tolerance Policy”: Members will respect the privacy and confidentiality of each AP by refraining from contact with any AMS CS or AP without the written permission of AMS, or prior to the designated CB start date(s) and time(s). Members agree not to distribute, or publish, to anyone the names and locations of the CB and AP to which they have been assigned. Members may NOT arrange clinicals on their own while enrolled with AMS. The risks and costs, both to the member and to AMS, associated with this are extreme, including but not limited to: uninsured patient exposures, endangering the AP and CS, and risking the member’s own future medical licensure. Therefore, all members agree that non-compliance with this policy will constitute a breach of the membership agreement, and an offending member’s current CB and AMS membership will be immediately terminated, without refund;
    4. To be in good standing with AMS, and, if applicable, to be in good standing with his/her sponsoring institution (i.e., school). Members must possess a valid AMS membership throughout his/her clinical block(s) and must at all times abide by the AMS membership enrollment agreement;
    5. To forego any special prices or promotions the member may have received in the event the member downgrades;
    6. That he/she is not guaranteed to be placed or work with medical schools or residency programs;
    7. To show up to each CB on the exact date, time, and location (clinical schedule) that he/she has agreed;
    8. That the zip code indicated in the “Within 50 Miles of” column of a clinical schedule is an approximate and tentative location, and not the final confirmed zip code. Although unlikely, members agree to travel up to 50 miles from the original agreed-upon zip code for each CB;
    9. To have their own personal transportation (not simply relying on public transportation or share-a-ride with the AP) since an AP may rotate through several hospitals in a single day, or ask that a member show up to a late-night emergency hospital call, or the designated CS may be located up to 50 miles away from the confirmed zip code that members first report to;
    10. That enrolling with AMS does not guarantee medical residency or interviews;
    11. That while letters of recommendation (“LORs”) may be solicited by members from AP, LORs are not guaranteed and are strictly performance-based. AMS has no control over the contents or verbiage or letterhead of any LOR;
    12. To not make requests that would be deemed discriminatory. AMS respects all people and adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy. AMS will not accept requests for clinical placements based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and/or sexual orientation;
    13. That AMS does not provide accommodation or transportation services.
  8. Expect changes: after all, this is medicine!
    1. AMS takes every reasonable measure to deliver the CB experience that was agreed upon by each member. However, CBs are “boutique” experiences and changes may occur: extenuating circumstances that are out of the control of AMS may affect any component of a member’s clinical schedule, and on rare occasions require a completely new clinical schedule;
    2. Members are encouraged to check their email inbox and voice messages frequently, and to keep a constant and open line of communication with their designated AMS National Clinical Coordinator;
    3. Should unforeseen events result in a change to any CB, AMS will dedicate appropriate resources to rectify the situation. Members will fully cooperate and hold AMS harmless in case of any changes.
  9. Eagerness to participate and quality of experience: although CBs typically take place during normal business hours, the experience of individual members can vary depending on the eagerness of the member. The more eager and available a member is to participate in a CB (up to 24 hours/day, 7 days/week), the greater the amount of clinical opportunities and inpatient exposures that will be available. Additionally APs may prefer to round on their hospital admitted patients during nights or weekends, or on consecutive days followed by a block of break. Therefore, an individual member’s availability, transportation, attitude, and behavior may contribute to their overall clinical experience and quality.
  10. Rush to start: a member’s first CB may begin in as few as three weeks after becoming Fully Enrolled Certified (FEC; receipt of all required documents and payments by AMS). Please inquire about the option to start in 1 or 2 weeks using our FASTART™ service (where available; additional fees apply).