Visiting Students or Medical Residents (“Students”) requesting U.S. clinical rotations/externships through ACMedical (“Rotations”) while actively enrolled in a certificate/degree/specialty program (“Institution”; Students and Institutions collectively referred to as “Parties”) are required to complete Clinical Authorization Letter (“CAL“) Part 1 (and optionally CAL Part 2). The purpose of a CAL is to ensure agreement and transparency between all Parties and ACMedical with respect to the type of Rotations a Student is placed in, and various responsibilities.

  • Step 1: By way of this CAL, Parties are now aware that: 1) Several U.S. regulatory/licensing agencies (e.g. State Medical Boards) regulate visiting Student Rotations in order to prevent the unlicensed practice of medicine, and 2) It is the sole responsibility of Students & Institutions to remain in full compliance with rules and regulations set by U.S. regulatory/licensing agencies (e.g. State Medical Boards) for future inquiries, verifications and licensure, and 3) It is the sole responsibility of Students to remain in compliance with Rotation policies of, and to obtain all necessary approvals from his/her sponsoring Institution for Rotations, and 4) ACMedical will use a completed CAL to issue a Letter of Enrollment to Students to share with their Institution and any other official, which outlines the nature, locations, specialties, facilities and dates of Student Rotations, and 5) ACMedical can only provide limited protection for future U.S. regulatory/licensing inquiries if Student is enrolled in Clinical Sites designated as “Verified”. Please visit ACMedical Residency Prep Academy for more information.
  • Step 2: In order to decide if CAL Part 2 is required, Students in CAL Part 1 should inquire if their sponsoring Institutions require that the nature of away Rotations be expressly approved by that Institution for credit issuance. 
  • Step 3: Complete the Clinical Authorization Letter Part 1 Form on this page for up to 10 Rotations. In “Waive right for my sponsoring Institution to complete CAL Part 2” section of this form, select “Yes” if Rotations in CAL Part 1 are “Not for Credit”, OR if Institution does not require Rotation pre-approval for credit issuance; otherwise select “No” for your Institution Official to be notified to complete CAL Part 2 Form online. Repeat this step for each additional blocks of 10 Rotations.
  • Step 4 (only if you selected “No” in “Waive right for my sponsoring Institution to complete CAL Part 2”): Inform your Institutional Official to check their inbox, and follow the instructions provided by ACMedical to promptly complete CAL Part 2. In this email, you both will be provided with a CAL Part 1 Request Number” which will be required in order for him/her to complete CAL Part 2 Form, and to signify your Institution’s express approval of the selections you made in this CAL Part 1 Form for credit issuance. In this case, both CAL Part 1 & 2 are required for ACMedical approval.
  • Step 5: Within 24 hours (longer for more complicated CALs), receive a decision from our Chief Clinical Officer about your CAL Part 1 (and optionally CAL Part 2), then work with an ACMedical Enrollment Team Member to review and book Clinical Site Options presented to you, or fix issues which led to a CAL disapproval and resubmit for reconsideration.