Most-all AMS members participate in clerkships in order to experience how care is provided to patients in the United States, and to hopefully secure a letter of recommendation that documents their overall performance on the above mentioned competencies. In order to ask your mentor to willingly recommend you to residency, make sure that you do as follows:

  • Earn your LOR, meaning you should put all that you have in performing genuinely and to the best of your abilities
  • Midway through your Clerkship block: print this page, and ask the attending to give you verbal feedback on the above competencies
  • Toward the end of your 3rd week: ask the attending if it’s okay for them to complete the AMS clinical evaluation of you in person, next week some time
  • Last week of your Clerkship: if your attending evaluated you well on all competencies, then ask them if they can support you in your pursuit of residency by writing you a letter of recommendation. Give them a copy of your AMS prepared CV, and ask them to email you a draft copy of the LOR so that you can have your Advisors at AMS analyze it for you (Letter of Recommendation Analysis). Ask if they’d like a copy of your LORA, and if so, then share what AMS provides you with the attending. If not then email the AMS recommendations back to the attending.


  1. The writer is unfamiliar with writing LORs: click here, print and share our “best practices guidelines” with them;
  2. The writer asks you to write one and he/she will read and sign it: inform them that you have never written a letter of recommendation, and do not feel comfortable recommending yourself. Instead, click here, print and share our “best practices guidelines” with them.
  3. The writer insists on you writing the LOR and you need help: Contact AmeriClerkships to obtain expert advice and document revision services like the Clinical Experience Assessment Draft to help you with the task.
  4. You are unsure of the quality of the LOR and you have a Certified or higher level membership with AMS: visit your “Document Upload Portal” and upload your LOR for a “Letter of Recommendation Analysis”.
  5. The writer strongly encourages you to waive your right to see this LOR: click here to read the pros, and cons of doing so.
  6. Your attending physician delays writing you an LOR that he/she promised: let them know when you need to upload the LOR by (typically in August, or as soon as possible), then ask for a good time and contact person/number/email to follow up with. Try to secure your LOR before the end of your clinical block.

Please contact us at 949-417-8980 with any questions.