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Resources for Candidates Waiting to Match & the Unmatched
Medical Students & Graduates


These “IMatched Series” trailers will give you the dose of inspiration you need to get back on track. Watch as Dr. Mizani interviews incredible former ACMedical Members who matched into U.S. medical residencies, despite extreme odds against them.

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A Residency-Bridge Employment Opportunity with Exclusive Benefits to Help You Match

8 medical graduates will be hired to complete 1 year paid internships (4 starting each April, and 4 each October) with a salary of up to $50,000, generous employee benefits, flexible work schedule, and upon the conclusion of their 1 year internship, each will receive a $15,000 ACMedical Credit on File to help pay for up to 16 weeks of U.S. clinical rotations, ACMedical’s highest level of membership, and Dr. Mizani’s direct mentorship and support for the following U.S. medical residency Match cycle.

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First batch starting April 2021

Everything your residency application needs to help you gain a competitive edge

Online resource to help you compile and submit complete application packages to U.S. medical residency programs, and teach you techniques to complete those residencies and become a U.S. licensed practicing physician.

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ACMedical Members are an exclusive group of 180 residency candidates with the most competitive residency applications built from the ground-up. Each Member is paired with an in-house world-renowned Residency Mentors with former Resident Selection Committee experience (such as Dr. Pedram Mizani), who will strategize ways to deal with every possible red-flag. A ‘Residency Strategy Session’ serves as the blueprint for residency/fellowship entry, then we analyze every supporting document, assist medical school Deans and physicians in correcting MSPE and LOR errors, edit ERAS applications and personal statements, prep for interviews, and empower each Members to personally defend every aspect of their application.

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Giving Our Loved Ones Wings

By Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA, family physician and chief clinical officer of the AmeriClerkships Medical Society Published in Residency Program Alert* on September 2017 For the [...]


I did not match. What next?2021-03-22T10:40:13-07:00

Once you’ve had some time to regroup after being unmatched, you should consider the following:

  1. Learn what ACMedical can do for you: Take some time to review all the tools we have made available to you on our brand new Resources for the Unmatched page
  2. Register for an upcoming webinar: We host webinars on a monthly basis. See our next scheduled webinar by clicking here
  3. If you HAVE an active ACMedical Membership
    1. Get copies of your LORs, MSPE and any other documents you may have submitted to residency programs, then schedule to meet your Residency Mentor in an upcoming office hour
    2. Consider renewing your Membership if it will be expiring anytime prior to December of the year you are applying to the Match
  4. If you do NOT HAVE an active ACMedical Membership
    1. Get copies of your LORs, MSPE and any other documents you may have submitted to residency programs, then schedule a free 15-minute private consult with our experts so we can help you figure out what happened, and where to go from here
  5. Consider Post-Match opportunities: Locate unfilled and off-cycle residency (or possibly fellowship) positions
  6. Consider a private consultation: Considering your history and number of red-flags we’d need to help you handle, a deeper diver and a more personalized 1-on-1 meeting with Dr. Mizani may be strongly recommended
  7. Plan for the next Match: After completing the above, and with the help of ACMedical Consultants, identify the specialty your application is best suited for, then:
    1. Search for, read reviews, and book up to 5 months of U.S. clinical rotations on MyClinicals
    2. Secure 4 to 5 new U.S. Letters of Recommendation that are U.S. residency relevant, and ACGME core competency based
    3. Do not waive your rights to see your LORs or MSPE; get copies, and upload for an official analysis by your Residency Mentor
    4. Ensure that you have an active ACMedical Membership (Match Certified or Residency Prep and higher) for the entire duration of the Match cycle you are participating in. Then use your Membership benefits so our writers and editors can analyze and edit your ERAS application, personal statement
    5. Work with your ACMedical Residency Mentor to prepare your ERAS for SOAP prior to certifying it, in case you do not Match
    6. Have your entire ERAS application reviewed and approved by ACMedical Residency Mentor by no later than September 10 of the Match cycle you’re participating in (e.g. September 10, 2021 for 2022 Match)
    7. Once all of the above are complete, and your Residency Mentor clears you to apply, certify your ERAS and apply to as many programs as was recommended to you. Depending on the number of red-flags, USMLE/COMLEX attempts, gaps, quality of your LORs/MSPE and your interview skills, budget for applying to 200 (sometimes up to 600) programs by no later than September 14 of the Match cycle you are participating in (e.g. September 14, 2021 for 2022 Match)
    8. Continue to attend weekly online office hours, and learn from the entire ACMedical Member community.
Which Memberships are ideal to combine with U.S. clinicals?2021-03-21T17:09:12-07:00

Select Residency Entry Membership if you are a U.S. or international medical student or graduate who has never secured a U.S. medical residency or fellowship position (GME), and now seeking residency placement. With Professional Liability Insurance, a 30 Minute Private Strategy Session to ensure that your clinical selection is in-line with the personalized residency entry strategy we recommend for you (amongst many other benefits), and a world-class clinical placement management and support system, Residency Entry is the most affordable bundled membership package we offer to help you optimize your AmeriClerkships U.S. clinical experience.

Select Residency Reentry Membership if you have ever secured a U.S. medical residency or fellowship position (GME) in the past, and now seeking reentry. Contacting or even communicating with patients post-GME history may activate certain regulations which can significantly impact you. Residency Reentry Membership enables our experts to make clinical recommendations after assessing your red-flags (including causes for dismissal or resignation), and if combined with our Discussion with Former Program Director service where your former PD supports your reentry, we can place you in AmeriClerkships Postgraduate Subinternships.

Select Residency Prep Membership if you have never secured a U.S. GME position, have access to reliable mentors with proven success in assisting someone like you in securing U.S. medical residencies, and all you need is clinical placement with minimal support.

Resident In-Trouble & Resident Mentor Memberships do not include Professional Liability Insurance, hence may not be used for AmeriClerkships U.S. clinical experience.

What type of U.S. visa for U.S. Elective Clerkships?2021-03-21T17:08:57-07:00

For ‘Elective Clerkships’:

  • Used by: International Medical Students doing ‘For Credit’ clinical electives
  • 9 FAM 402.2-5(E)(3) (U) Clerkship (CT:VISA-933; 08-30-2019): (U) Medical Clerkship:  An alien who is studying at a foreign medical school and seeks to enter the United States temporarily in order to take an “elective clerkship” at a U.S. medical school’s hospital without remuneration from the hospital.  The medical clerkship is only for medical students pursuing their normal third or fourth year internship in a U.S. medical school as part of a foreign medical school degree.  (An “elective clerkship” affords practical experience and instructions in the various disciplines of medicine under the supervision and direction of faculty physicians at a U.S. medical school’s hospital as an approved part of the alien’s foreign medical school education.  It does not apply to graduate medical training, which is restricted by INA 212(e) and normally requires a J-visa.)
  • Visa: B-1 Business
What type of U.S. visa for U.S. Clinical Observerships or Externships?2021-03-21T17:08:22-07:00

There is not a category for ‘Externships’, however, for ‘Observerships’ or other ‘Vocational Activities’:

  • Used by: International Medical Students or Graduates doing ‘Not for Credit’ clinical observerships or clinical experiences
  • 9 FAM 402.2-5(E)(3) (U) Clerkship (U) Clerkship (CT:VISA-933; 08-30-2019): (U) Business or other Professional or Vocational Activities: An alien who is coming to the United States merely and exclusively to observe the conduct of business or other professional or vocational activity may be classified B-1, provided the alien pays for his or her own expenses. However, aliens, often students, who seek to gain practical experience through on-the-job training or clerkships must qualify under INA 101(a)(15)(H) or INA 101(a)(15)(L), or when an appropriate exchange visitors program exists (J). Provided certain requirements are met, interns at embassies, consulates, miscellaneous foreign government offices (MFGOs), missions to international organizations, or international organizations may qualify for A-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, or G-4 visas. See 9 FAM 402.3-5(D)(1) and 9 FAM 402.3-7(B).
  • 9 FAM 402.2-5(F)(3) (U) Medical Doctor (CT:VISA-738; 02-08-2019) (U): A medical doctor whose purpose for coming to the United States is to observe U.S. medical practices and consult with colleagues on latest techniques, provided no remuneration is received from a U.S. source and no patient care is involved. Failure to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is irrelevant in such a case.
  • Visa: B-1 Business
What type of U.S. visa for U.S. Hands-on Clinicals?2021-03-21T17:08:07-07:00

For ‘Hands-on Clerkship’:

  • Hands-on typically refers to the actual practice of medicine, which will require that you are either a part of an ACGME accredited medical residency program and sponsored by that program and the ECFMG, or have completed an ACGME residency and are now practicing independently as a licensed physician. We do not recommend any medical student or medical graduate to refer to the U.S. clinicals as ‘hands-on’ unless the main purpose of their U.S. entry is to start a U.S. ACGME medical residency program that they have matched into.
  • 9 FAM 402.2-5(E)(3) (U) Clerkship (CT:VISA-933; 08-30-2019) a. (U): Except as in the cases described below, aliens who wish to obtain hands-on clerkship experience are not deemed to fall within B-1 visa classification.
  • Visa: J1 or H1-B or other, but not B1


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Tune in weekly for new episodes, where we interview physicians and other subject matter experts, asking them for tips and secrets that will save you time, and help you avoid mistakes as you prepare for the next Match cycle.


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Helping future healthcare professionals from across the globe learn from one another, become acculturated and gain U.S. clinical experience in the highest rated clinical sites and teaching hospitals, coupled with expert consultations and residency-prep are tall orders, but we pride ourselves in having developed the practical, technological and operational infrastructure needed to be able to achieve these goals every day.

  • We provide expert guidance for all categories of clients and services we provide.

  • We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and have resources allocated for a more 1-on-1 approach if the situation calls for it.

  • We will stay up to date in the field of U.S. medical residency-prep, and continue to expand our client resources every day.

  • All of our employees work under one roof in our Irvine, California headquarters; no outsourcing.

Each one of our services and resources are tailored specifically towards individual residency applications and personal circumstances. No two solutions work the same for our Members, so we ensure to customize our approach to maximize chances, minimize lost time, and optimize results based on latest published residency-relevant research.

Our recommendations are not only evidence and research based, but they take shape as a result of having various levels of contributions towards the success of our 4,300 Alumni, who have reached their dreams of treating patients all across the world (over 20,000 patients/day, in fact). We don’t move away from our expertise, and have remained focused on U.S. healthcare acculturation and medical residency-prep for pre-health students, healthcare students and graduates from across the globe since 1999.

By integrating our approach to residency preparation with state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies, we instantly update our Members with new data, findings and resources across our many online platforms. This has also helped significantly improve our customer service and Member relations as well over the years, consolidating support needed for our complex business under

We track our Member’s number of residency and fellowship interviews and matches, jobs secured after graduating from residency across the United States and the globe. This level of real-time interaction with our Members enables us to analyze changing patterns and trends, and to recommend immediate strategic actions during the Match to our Members, before it’s too late.

With thousands of members and positive Match outcomes, we lead the industry in our commitment to every aspect of the U.S. healthcare acculturation and medical residency-prep. It is not just clinical rotations or personal statements; we consider every possible factor and make them work in your favor.

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