AmeriClerkships Medical Society (ACMedical) was established on March 12, 2007, to help U.S. medical educators meet the challenges of improving resident preparation and selection process. In our view, this begins with access to a network of U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals, determined to see physicians of all nationalities succeed. ACMedical is also the intellectual property owner of the ‘World’s Largest Online Booking Platform for U.S. Internships, Externships & Clerkships‘, known as MyClinicals. This live online system enables prospective physicians to choose to be mentored by any of ACMedical’s 700+ affiliated U.S. physicians.

Today, ACMedical and MyClinicals together are a powerful professional physician network that streamline and accelerate physician career development in the United States. Behind the scenes, ACMedical is supported by an incredibly gifted team that prides itself on accountability, transparency and tracking their members’ residency-placement outcomes. Say hello to your new best friends:

Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSA
Pedram Mizani, MD, MHSAChief Executive Officer & Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Mizani is the founder of AmeriClerkships Medical Society (ACMedical), and serves as our President. As the former Chief of Morehouse School of Medicine's Family Medicine Residency Program and a member of two U.S. residency selection committees, Dr. Mizani moved to the United States from Iran at the age of 14 in order to survive the Iran-Iraq War in 1994. Dr. Mizani has served as a committee member of AMA-IMG Section, and the Pacific Symphony. Also as a columnist for Residency Program Alert, Dr. Mizani advises residency program coordinators across the U.S., and provides first-hand knowledge of what it takes to secure residency positions from a selection committee's perspective. 2022 Match marks Dr. Mizani’s 21st consecutive year serving as a Residency Mentor to over 5,000 medical students and graduates and his decades of contribution to creating access to care has led to over 20,000 patients being treated by Dr. Mizani's former students each day!
Nerissa Regnier
Nerissa RegnierSenior Residency Consultant
As one of the first pioneers at ACMedical, Nerissa is one of the most powerful advocates a U.S. medical residency candidate could hope to align with. During her 10 years of service at ACMedical, Nerissa has mastered the art of carefully syncing what our affiliated U.S. licensed physicians, hospitals and mentors can provide with what medical students and graduates from across the globe need, all in order to compete as formidably as possible in the annual U.S. medical residency 'Match'. Today, Nerissa is one of the most senior members of ACMedical, both as a Senior Residency Enrollment Strategist, and as a strategic ally to the hundreds of ACMedical Members she collaborates with in order to 'Make Doctors'. Nerissa spends her free time with her loving family in beautiful Southern California.
Omer Malik
Omer MalikSenior Residency Consultant
A graduate of the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, Omer Malik comes to ACMedical with over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to his natural ability to recognize what makes a great physician in his role as a Senior Residency Enrollment Strategist, Omer has shared, trained and led every ACMedical employee over the past 10 years by helping them develop their own sense of affinity for strong customer service. His sensitivity towards all cultural backgrounds has helped him be recognized by all ACMedical Members as an instrumental figure when it comes to U.S. medical residency-prep, U.S. teaching hospital placement and cultural exchange.
Jacquelyn Mizani
Jacquelyn MizaniClinical Coordinator
Jacquelyn Mizani is another senior level employee, having been a part of ACMedical since early 2009. By leveraging her comprehensive understanding of the U.S. medical residency-prep industry and relationships with U.S. clinical sites, Jacquelyn is able to manage the Clinical Development Department, as well as provide excellent customer service. Jacquelyn and Dr. Mizani are parents to a 7-year-old son, Nicholas (who wants to be a hockey-player and team doctor) and a 5-year-old daughter Victoria (who wants to be a princess).
Carlos Martinez
Carlos MartinezCredentialing Specialist
Graduating from the University of California-Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Carlos Martinez brings his science and research background to the Credentialing Department at ACMedical. With experience in clinical research trials, public health, medical education and clinical rotations, Carlos welcomes each and every new Member into ACMedical, helping them navigate the steps required to become Fully Enrolled & Credentialed at ACMedical.
Cody Phan
Cody PhanCareer Development Coordinator
Joining ACMedical after graduating from the University of California, Irvine, Cody Phan comes with a dedicated focus on helping others, and now our Members. Inspired by our motto ‘We Make Doctors’, Cody has worked toward every facet available within ACMedical to assist members become improved and more competitive versions of themselves. Having a strong interest and background in Career Development, Cody has hosted Career Fairs and Workshops for hundreds of students prior to joining ACMedical. Since joining ACMedical, he has continued to expand his repertoire, creating genuine interactions to produce highly personalized and defensible residency applications, which yields positive Match outcomes for our members.
Amanda Ishii
Amanda IshiiAssistant Clinical Coordinator
Amanda joined ACMedical because of her genuine care for patient advocacy and wealth of healthcare experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She served as a phlebotomy technician, a patient care coordinator and now is an instrumental figure within our Clinical Development Department. She loves to work with both Members and our affiliated physicians alike, and has helped strengthen the stability of hundred of clinical sites that ACMedical has to offer.

Collectively, the above team has been responsible for:




Members recommending our attendings for gaining clinical experience: 93%
Members who signed up for, and received both inpatient & outpatient clinical experiences: 92%
Members who graded our physician’s professionalism with a score of 70% or higher: 95%
Members who reported taking patient histories & assisting with exams: 97%
Members giving a +80% to the sufficiency of patient volume & medical conditions: 80%
Members who said that their attending did NOT agree to write a Letter of Recommendation: < 1%

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